Rotoprofessor’s 2-Start Pitchers: Week 17

Jul 26, 2009

Written by
Eric Stashin the Rotoprofessor

It’s time to look at the potential two-start options for the upcoming fantasy week.  If I have someone rated as a three, four or five-star option, they are someone I would definitely use.  A two-star option is someone who is borderline, but I’d strongly lean against it unless I have no other options.  The one-star options are an absolutely not scenario.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at the players available to you this week:

5-Star Options:

  • Tim Lincecum – San Francisco Giants – vs. Pit, vs. Phi

4-Star Options:

  • CC Sabathia – New York Yankees – @ TB, @ CWS
  • Adam Wainwright – St. Louis Cardinals – vs. LAD, vs. Hou
  • Felix Hernandez – Seattle Mariners – vs. Tor, @ Tex
  • Cole Hamels – Philadelphia Phillies – @ Ari, @ SF
  • A.J. Burnett – New York Yankees – @ TB, @ CWS
  • Chris Carpenter – St. Louis Cardinals – vs. LAD, vs. Hou
  • Josh Beckett – Boston Red Sox – vs. Oak, @ Bal
  • Roy Oswalt – Houston Astros – @ CHC, @ Stl
  • Chad Billingsley – Los Angeles Dodgers – @ Stl, @ Atl
  • Jair Jurrjens – Atlanta Braves – @ Fla, @ LAD
  • James Shields – Tampa Bay Rays – vs. NYY, vs. KC
  • Mark Buehrle – Chicago White Sox – @ Min, vs. NYY
  • Carlos Zambrano – Chicago Cubs – vs. Hou, @ Fla

3-Star Options:

  • Ubaldo Jimenez – Colorado Rockies – @ NYM, @ Cin
  • Wandy Rodriguez – Houston Astros – @ CHC, @ Stl
  • Ricky Nolasco – Florida Marlins – vs. Atl, vs. CHC
  • Rich Harden – Chicago Cubs – vs. Hou, @ Fla
  • Jarrod Washburn – Seattle Mariners – vs. Tor, @ Tex
  • John Danks – Chicago White Sox – @ Min, vs. NYY
  • Jason Marquis – Colorado Rockies – @ NYM, @ Cin
  • Randy Wolf – Los Angeles Dodgers – @ Stl, @ Atl
  • Armando Galarraga – Detroit Tigers – @ Tex, @ Cle

2-Star Options:

  • Ricky Romero – Toronto Blue Jays – @ Sea, @ Oak
  • Joe Saunders – Los Angeles Angels – vs. Cle, @ Min
  • Mike Pelfrey – New York Mets – vs. Col, vs. Ari
  • Clay Buchholz – Boston Red Sox – vs. Oak, @ Bal
  • Paul Maholm – Pittsburgh Pirates – @ SF, vs. Was
  • Kevin Correia – San Diego Padres – @ Cin, vs. Mil

1-Star Options:

  • Bronson Arroyo – Cincinnati Reds – vs. SD, vs. Col
  • Barry Zito – San Francisco Giants – vs. Pit, vs. Phi
  • Jon Garland – Arizona Diamondbacks – vs. Phi, @ NYM
  • Brian Bannister – Kansas City Royals – @ Bal, @ TB
  • Carl Pavano – Cleveland Indians – @ LAA, vs. Det
  • Jamie Moyer – Philadelphia Phillies – @ Ari, @ SF
  • Oliver Perez – New York Mets – vs. Col, vs. Ari
  • Trevor Cahill – Oakland Athletics – @ Bos, vs. Tor
  • Glen Perkins – Minnesota Twins – vs. CWS, vs. LAA
  • Vicente Padilla – Texas Rangers – vs. Det, vs. Sea
  • Jeff Suppan – Milwaukee Brewers – vs. Was, @ SD
  • Tommy Hunter – Texas Rangers – vs. Det, vs. Sea
  • Homer Bailey – Cincinnati Reds – vs. SD, vs. Col
  • Vin Mazzaro – Oakland Athletics – @ Bos, vs. Tor
  • Craig Stammen – Washington Nationals – @ Mil, @ Pit
  • Josh Geer – San Diego Padres – @ Cin, vs. Mil
  • Rich Hill – Baltimore Orioles – vs. KC, vs. Bos
  • Mike Burns – Milwaukee Brewers – vs. Was, @ SD
  • Jason Berken – Baltimore Orioles – vs. KC, vs. Bos
  • Collin Balester – Washington Nationals – @ Mil, @ Pit

Scheduling Notes:

  • As of right now Vicente Padilla is still scheduled to go on Tuesday, but according to Jamey Newberg of the Newberg Report, Padilla has been diagnosed with the swine flu.  He wasn’t advisable to begin with, but this certainly makes it worse.  Chances are he’s going to be bumped from at least the first start of the week.
  • The Royals have not yet officially announced who will take the ball on Monday.  It could be Bruce Chen, but there has also been talk of Gil Meche coming off the DL to make the start.  That seems like a long shot, but either way I would avoid either pitcher.  Meche is usually a decent option, but in his first start off the DL he’s not advisable.
  • The Orioles haven’t officially named Rich Hill as the starter on Tuesday, and there are rumblings he’s going to be pulled in favor of Chris Tillman.  I have Hill listed here, who is not a usable option under any circumstance.  In his first week, Tillman would be a tough play as well, especially considering his second start would come against the Red Sox.  I’d keep on eye on him in keeper leagues, but do not slide him into your line-up yet.
  • Jason Marquis had his last start pushed back thanks to a blister.  Assuming he has no further problem, he’s easily a must use option in all formats.  Those in daily leagues may want to monitor the news, however, just in case it forces him to be skipped again.
  • John Danks is in the same situation as Marquis, missing his previous start due to a blister.  I’d check the news, just in case, but if he is starting he needs to be in your line-up.


  • That’s quite a group of 4-star options this week, isn’t it?
  • I still have my reservations about Ubaldo Jimenez, just given his history.  I’m always concerned that he is going to resort to his old habits of walking the ballpark, which he still does from time to time (he’s walked four or more twice in his last four starts).  Of course, overall he’s been pitching well of late (3.79 ERA over his last three starts) and one of his starts come in New York.  That seems like the recipe for success, but I still wouldn’t rank him higher then a 3-star option.
  • I know Carlos Zambrano has come under some scrutiny in Chicago, but he has two favorable starts this week, has won his last three starts and has 20 Ks over his last 17.2 innings.  It just all adds up to someone that I certainly would use in all formats.
  • Ricky Romero has taken a step backwards over his last two starts, allowing 8 earned runs over 9.2 innings.  I talked about him about two weeks ago and had my reservations about how he would perform moving forward (click here to view).  I know the match-ups are on the favorable side on paper, though any match-up with Felix Hernandez is going to be tough to get a victory.  He’s potentially usable, but depending on your other options, he’s not recommendable.
  • Clay Buchholz would seem like a solid option, but a rough outing his last time out has got to make you think twice, especially considering his struggles last season.  Still, he’s been pitching great this season and has favorable match-ups.  Among the 2-start options, he’s the first one I think I would use.

Which 2-start pitchers do you like for next week?  Which ones are you trying to avoid?

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  1. Frank
    July 27th, 2009 at 6:11 am #

    yes … an interesting 4-star group … and Wainwright-Billingsley are opponents.

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