Sports Management Degrees Winning Fantasy Football Strategies

Sep 3, 2010

The good people at Sports Management Degrees wanted to pass along some tips to all you fantasy football players.


It’s that time of year when the stakes are high and football is king. Whether you want to impress your boss or avoid watching your girlfriend beat you when she chooses players according to jersey color, here are some tips that will help you win it all.


  • Study last season’s top performersBefore you start drafting for this season’s fantasy football league, you’ll want to take a look at last year’s studs. There’s no guarantee that these players will be what they were last year, but it’s a great start. While the pre-season and projected stats are nice, last year’s performance can be an indicator of a player’s real fantasy value, but don’t let it be your only factor in choosing who to draft.
  • Draft the best quarterback you canThe NFL is a quarterback-driven league. In fantasy football, an exceptional quarterback will score you the most points, and an elite quarterback on a good team is an extremely valuable and consistent prospect. If a great quarterback falls into your lap, draft him! You certainly won’t regret it when you watch the points come in.
  • Draft consistent playersConsistency is the key to success in fantasy football. A player that racks up 30 points in a game against a weak team, but gets a goose egg against a good team is a player you want to avoid.
  • Draft a dark horse playerIn fantasy football, particularly toward the end of the draft, upside is the key. Draft a younger player with potential over a veteran on the down slope of their career any day. Take Steve Slaton for example. His 2007-2008 season is just one of many examples of a player that was young and certainly not early round worthy, but turned out to have great upside and broke into fantasy stardom. Paying attention to a player’s college career can assist you in your quest to find your dark horse player, who falls under the radar of the more popular guys.
  • Watch out for injuriesAs mundane as it may seem, the preseason can tell you a lot about the health of a player. Drafting a player that is nursing a nagging groin injury through preseason is risky. Pay attention to injuries and watch out for twisted ankles, hamstring or quad strains and other nagging injuries that can get a player on the field but prevent him from really living up to his potential.


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