T.O.’s Next Stop?

Mar 1, 2010

By now I’m sure you’re well aware that Terrell Owens will not be back in Buffalo. He was not very productive (55 catches, 829 yards, TD), but he did not have a lot to work with. He should be given a little credit for not having a typical T.O. moment. 

The question is where does T.O. go next?

Baltimore seems like a logical choice given their needs. I just don’t think they’ll bring him in. They have a young QB in Joe Flacco that doesn’t need to deal with T.O.’s drama. They’ll address their deficiencies at WR elsewhere. 

Carolina could use a WR opposite of Steve Smith, but I’m not sure their egos would allow them to play opposite one another.

The Bears could work possibly, but they have a stable of young WRs. Cutler has the arm strength to please T.O., but they would be bound to clash.

The Bengals could possibly work. They are open to any type of personality. It would be interesting to see Chad Johnson and T.O. on the same team, but the WR formerly known as Ochocinco  could find a way to make it work for him, at least initially. I’d pity Carson Palmer.

Detroit is bad enough that they may be willing to take the risk. Matthew Stafford has a big arm. Trying to cover Megatron and T.O. would be difficult.

Could the Patriots add him as another reclamation project? If anyone can put T.O. in his place it would be Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Randy Moss would probably welcome the attention he’d get from defenses. 

The choices are limited. When you consider he’s already worn out his welcome in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas, that’s to be expected. He still has the ability. My best guess for his 2010 home is Cincinnati.

Where do you think he’ll surface?

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