Player A
230 completions in 371 attempts (62.0%)
2624 yards
19 TDs
8 INTs, 2 Fumbles
91.3 Passer Rating
194.3 Fantasy Points

Player B:
281 Completions in 445 Attempts (63.1%)
2948 yards
19 TDs
12 INTs
85.3 Passer Rating
207.1 Fantasy Points

When you look at the numbers it is hard to differentiate the two Mannings.  Knowing the Giants propensity to pound the football on the ground, it’s probably obvious that Player B and his 74 additional passing attempts is Peyton.  Considering how much his team utilizes the ground game, Eli’s numbers are very impressive.  We’re talking a little more than a point per game difference.  This is with his #1 wideout Plaxico missing games to suspension, injury, and gunfire.  Just knowing how much he counted on Plaxico last year, it’s pretty amazing to think Eli is having an even better season this year.

When you look at the success their respective teams are having you can’t help but side a little with Eli.  A year after Tiki Barber left, the Giants had to deal with Michael Strahan retiring.  Then Osi Umenyiora goes down.  Jeremy Shockey gets dealt.  Plax plays in just ten games.  How have the Giants responded?  How about by going 11-1?  They have won seven straight after being tripped up by Cleveland.

The Colts have had to deal with a lot of injuries this year as well.  Bob Sanders, the heart and soul of their defense, has missed several games.  Jeff Saturday, a key cog in their Offensive Line, has missed several games.  Joseph Addai missed a couple of games. Even Peyton himself was a little shaky to start the year as he missed so much time to his Bursa Sac injury.  Yet, if the season ended today the Colts would be in the playoffs thanks to their five-game winning streak.

So to answer the question, which Manning is better…Peyton or Eli?  Prior to the Giants playoff run I would have you committed for asking that question.  While my answer remains Peyton by a slim margin, Eli has really narrowed the gap.

It’s that time of year.  You get the e-mail from your league service.  Oooh, somebody offered me a trade.  You open it up with great anticipation.  Then you get the sick feeling in your stomach that someone took a dump on your front porch and lit it on fire.  Maybe that’s extreme, but you know the feeling when somebody insults your intelligence and fantasy football savvy by sending you a trade offer that anyone who is invested in the NFL and fantasy football knows is junk. 

Sometimes it’s the early trade where they try to buy low on one of your superstars with a guy that was hot out of the gate.  I had a guy in a league that was asking for WR help.  After a few rounds of offers it was apparent a deal wouldn’t get done.  He basically offered me Philip Rivers straight up for Randy Moss.  This was before his big Week 2.  I knew then and there a deal would not be made. 

Another type of offer that annoys me is the send and rescind.  It’s one thing to make a mistake and cancel your trade offer.  I totally understand cancelling all offers made prior to kickoff.  You do not want a trade offer out there should an injury occur.  You’re busy watching the game on the tube while your the other guy is checking the computer.  His guy goes down and now he is a click away from sending you his damaged goods.  Hopefully you’re not in a league with owners with those kind of morals, but you never know. What gets me going though is when you get three or four offers a week that were subsequently cancelled before you could even act on it.  That’s what I call a tease.  How about the owner that says names for guys and then changes his mind.  He’s trolling for the best offer.  To me if you verbally make an offer and the other party accepts it should be a trade.  It is unfair to throw out offers to gage a person’s interest and use that info to your advantage. 

Finally, there is the self-obsessed offers.  Here a guy that looks at your roster and says, wouldn’t they look great on my team.  A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, was offered Tim Hightower and Wes Welker for Maurice Jones-Drew.  I know what you’re saying.  MJD hasn’t looked great.  The trade doesn’t stop there though.  How about Hightower and Wes Welker for MJD and Calvin Johnson.  Seriously.  When the initial shock wears off you should be pissed.  I mean you think that little of me that you are going to try and use some Jedi Mind Trick on me.  Guess again D-Bag.  This clown has Romo, Earnest Graham, Maroney, Brandon Marshall, and Reggie Wayne.  He’s trying to upgrade his #3 WR and his #2 RB while giving up his #3 RB and a TD Vulture.  If you are offered a trade like that you should be able to forward it to your Commissioner and that Clown gets a trade suspension.  We are all busy people.  We don’t have the time to waste on a deal that is so one-sided. 

Here’s a little hint for a successful trade.  Both teams should in theory improve both teams at some point in the season whether it’s immediately or down the road.  Don’t try and send your worst starters for somebody’s best ones.  If you can’t come up with a way your offer will help your opponent, you probably shouldn’t send the deal. 

Now I want to hear from you.  Let me know about the worst trade offers you’ve received.

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