As you prepare for your fantasy baseball drafts approach you may want to start think about having some fun with your fantasy baseball team name. Here are some ideas.
Bull Dozier – Brian Dozier owners
Cashner Outside, Howbow Dah – Andrew Cashner owners
Just Sano to Drugs – Miguel Sano
Kluber Lang – Corey Kluber owners
Netflix And Cahill – Trevor Cahill
Place Your Betts – Mookie Betts owners
Schoop There It Is – Jonathan Schoop owners
Three Little Puigs – Yasiel Puig


We had some awesome submissions this year (click here to see the entries). Thanks to everybody for participating. Unfortunately I had to narrow the list down. Here are the eight finalists:

  • Slow and steady wins the Reyes
  • The Good, the Bad and the Uggla
  • Smoak on the Weiters
  • Napa Votto Parts
  • Want Teixeira Smoak?
  • Just Call A CAB-rera!!!
  • Inglorious Batstars
  • Doumit to me 1 more time

A group of panelists will vote on the names and the top three will receive a prize. The folks over at, home of numerous fantasy baseball trophies, are stepping up by giving away a Value Series fantasy baseball trophy. Our friends at Big Awesome Company are pitching in by donating a free t-shirt for the cause. Finally, my dad and brother are giving away a MonsterRaxx t-shirt.

Soon fantasy baseball drafts will be underway. While doing all your due diligence to draft that perfect team is a necessity, let’s not forget that it’s also about fun. What better way to kick things off this year than with a funny fantasy baseball team name. To help you with some ideas, we’re going to run a contest. What’s a contest without prizes?

The folks over at, home of numerous fantasy baseball trophies, are stepping up by giving away a Value Series fantasy baseball trophy. Our friends at Big Awesome Company are pitching in by donating a free t-shirt for the cause. Finally, my dad and brother are giving away a MonsterRaxx t-shirt.
Limit three team names per entrant.  The contest will be open until March 15th.  We will then narrow it down to three team names and put it up to a vote. Please submit your entries at the bottom of this page.

Here’s a look at last year’s contest for some inspiration.
As you prepare for your fantasy baseball drafts, check out:

The first month of the season is behind us. If you are at the bottom looking up at your league, perhaps a clever team name will at least give you some satisfaction. Here are some team names you can use with the hottest players in baseball.


Cano Place Like Home

Ethier With Us or Against Us

Kemp Believe He’s Dating Rhianna

Joe & Justin Make a Morneau

No You Can’t, I Cantu

Halladay Inn

Double Fister

Livan the Good Life

Clippard the Big Red Dog

Pop a Capps in Your Ass

Dempster Diving


Do you have any suggestions?

We’ve had some great names entered so far. If you want in on the Evan Longoria Fathead, Jr. head over to the entry page (click here) and throw your hat into the ring.

The contest runs until April 1st.

Fantasy baseball will soon be upon us. While you’re studying up , don’t forget the important task of creating your team name. You want it to be funny and memorable.

If you’ve got a good name, share it here. Whoever has the best name will get a free Evan Longoria Fathead, Jr.  All you need to win is a creative name and an e-mail address so I can get your shipping information.  You needn’t use any part of LestersLegends in your name.  You can reference baseball players, songs, movies, whatever.  Just be original and keep it somewhat clean.

Limit three team names per entrant.  The contest will be open until April 1st.

To help get the creative juices flowing I’ve offered the following suggestions:

Hanley My Business or Hanley out Beatdowns

Brains & Braun

Hot Dogs with Mauerkraut

Sizemore Matters

Climbing Up on Ellsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel reference

Morales of the Story


For What It’s Werth

Cano You Didn’t

*** UPDATE ***

I used to select the winner. The winning pick, a sweet Johnny Cash reference, was Train Kept a Rollins.

Thanks to everyone for entering. Good luck with your fantasy teams.

Drop it Like it’s Hawpe - When a guy grooves a pitch to you, drop it like it’s Hawpe.

B.J. Upton Girl – He’s hitting like a Downtown Man though.

 Jason (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay - Watching the pitch come in, and I watch it leave the park again.

David The Wright Stuff - Oh, oh, oh oh, oh.  Oh, oh, oh, oh. The Wright Stuff.

Michael Bourn to be Wild – He’s got his motor running lately.

Dream Weaver - Ooh Dream Weaver, I believe you can get me through the ninth.

Randy Hungry Like the Wolf - He’s on a hunt down after you.

(Scott) Kazmir – Oh let the sun beat down upon my face….Sure as the dust that floats high and true, when movin through Kazmir.

Matt I Cain Get No Satisfaction – I Cain Get No Winning Action.

 Ian That Snell - Ooh, ooh that Snell.  Can’t you Snell that Snell?

Can you name the artists without googling?

Torii The Deer Hunter - Torii has been superb, just like the 1978 Best Picture winner.

Billy Butler and Ted Lilly’s Excellent Adventure – Butler has struggled while Lilly has been magnificent.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Jason Bay - Thankfully Jason Bay is playing better than the movie must have been. 
Zack and Miri make a Morneau – This serves two purposes.  It entertains while teaching the pronunciation of Justin Morneau’s name.
Victor Martinez, Victoria – Martinez is performing well like the award-winning film.

For Whom the Beltran Tolls – Carlos Beltran is off to a fantastic start.

The Witches of Ludwick – The Witches of Eastwick have nothing on Ryan Ludwick.
Theriot’s of Fire – Ryan Theriot has been tearing it up like the 1981 Best Picture did.

Michael The Bourn Identity – Michael Bourn has disguised himself as someone who can hit.

Here are some guys who have started the MLB season on fire.

Andre Ethier with us or you are against us

Grady Sizemore Matters

Cut to the Chase Utley

Ryan Ludwick van Beethoven

Carlos San Quentin

Nelson Cruz Control

Torii Big Game Hunter

Dan Haren my Soup

Ted Tiger Lilly

John Danks for the Memories

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