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17 August 2010

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OK, he hasn’t come out and said he’s going to play this year. There have been no dramatic helicopter entrances, but there is another sign that Brett Favre is going to play for the Vikings this year. That sign is a visit from a trio of teammates. According to the Star Tribune Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Longwell headed down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to convince Favre to play in his 20th season. If Favre says no, I could see Jared Allen hogtying him, strapping him to Steve Hutchinson’s back, and bringing him back to the Twin Cities. If you have an early fantasy draft, feel free to take a gamble on Favre around the 10th round. If he shocks the world and doesn’t come back, you won’t be out too much. If he does return, you get an exceptional value (click to see my 2010 QB rankings).


***Breaking Update***

NFL Network’s Scott Hanson tweeted that “Brett Favre took off 2:20pm est. My source says he’s going back to Minnesota. Stay with NFLN for more.” Fox’s Jay Glazer backs up the story tweeting “Brett Favre has told trio of vikings who came to persuade him to return that he is “back in” and is on plane back to minny now”. Be prepared on your drive home to hear all-Favre-all-the-time on sports radios. Favre will also take over ESPN and the rest of the sports outlets for the night.

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We’ve heard it before, but Favre has once again said that he is retiring. The
Star Tribune is reporting that Favre told Viking officials his intentions last night. Until I hear it from Brett’s mouth, and the Vikings actually open the season without #4, I will refuse to believe he is actually finished. Favre had such a great season with the Viking last year, and seemed to have so much fun. They are also major contenders for the Super Bowl. If this is it, it was a great run. I just don’t buy it now. Brad Childress is set to address the media later today. Stay tuned.


Brad Childress addressed the media and said that Brett Favre has not informed him that he’s retiring. Shocker. The circus continues.

ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre suspects he may have a cracked rib.  He is going to attempt to play the entire first half tonight against Houston.  He was blitzed heavily in his Viking debut against Kansas City.  My guess is Houston will follow that game plan.  As the injuries mount (rotator cuff, rib), I just wonder how much punishment the soon to be 40-year old Viking can take. 

If you are drafting your fantasy squad, be careful not to overspend for the future Hall of Famer.

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Joe Heller Cartoon: Brett Favre Redux, Green Bay Press Gazette

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Cash for Clunkers
Joe Heller Cartoon: Brett Favre Redux, Green Bay Press Gazette


WCCO TV is reporting that Brett Favre will sign with the Vikings today.  This is what I suspected when Favre initially said “No” to the Vikings. It’s just a matter of time until Favre gets the itch or the Vikings realize they do not have a NFL caliber starting QB.  Favre gets to skip training camp and show up when it really matters.  If you bought into his “retirement”, shame on you.  If he does sign, you can bump Bernard Berrian and Visanthe Shiancoe up a bit in your fantasy rankings.

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