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I regret to update this story. Chris Henry has passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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Forget about fantasy implications or what this means to the Bengals right now. Wide Receiver Chris Henry, who was in the process of turning his life around after having more than his share of dark times, is said to be clinging to his life. He was thrown for the back of a pick up truck following a domestic dispute with his fiance.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris and his family. For more details, check out ESPN’s coverage (click here for article).

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We’re kicking off a new series called the Fourth & 1 Debate in which one fantasy football writer posts a question to a panel of fantasy football writers from some of the top fantasy football sites.

Our friend Eric Stashin, the Rotoprofessor, kicked things off.  Click here to see the full article

Here’s my response:

While it is difficult to make any rash decisions after one game, the fact of the matter is that some players are to good to drop, but too bad to play.  Sometimes those players snap out of their funk.  Other times they just continue to struggle and when you finally do cut them, you missed out on all of the early season surprises.

One player I would consider cutting is Laveranues Coles.  In his debut with the Bengals he caught just one pass for 11 yards. He wasn’t facing the mighty Pittsburgh defense, rather the lowly Denver Broncos, who ranked 26th against the pass last year.  He was targeted just five times, and managed to drop three passes.  Chad Ochocinco was clearly Carso Palmer’s go-to-guy, and second-year WR Andre Caldwell looked good with 6 receptions.  Preseason superstar Chris Henry played a limited role because of a thigh injury, but his role should expand going forward.

Aside from having a lot of competition for touches, Coles is playing in a offense that could struggle to put points on the board.  Palmer is going to take some time to work off the rust.  At this point, I’m not that confident he’ll do it anytime soon.  With a bye and four games against Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the next eight weeks, there wouldn’t be many opportunities to even give Coles a shot.  At this point, I think it would be best to cut ties with Coles and pick up someone with more upside.

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So Michael Vick will be able to play in Week 3, which seems like an adequate punishment considering the amount of time he already lost.  I’m not going to say money too, because if he didn’t break the law, he’d still be rolling in the dough.  I’m not going to pity someone for their own stupidity.  Vick has been a trendy last round pick in fantasy drafts.  If you’re just taking him for laughs and plan on dropping him for a Kicker, which to me is what the last round of fantasy drafts are reserved for, then I’m on board with you.  If you’re holding out hope that he’s going to make a fantasy impact this year, let me remind you that he barely had fantasy value when he was at the height of his career.  He’s not going to run for a ton of yards, which is what game him value.  He’s certainly not going to throw for a lot.  You’re basically hoping for some rushing TDs.  Unless he gains RB or WR eligibility in your fantasy league, he’s not even useful as a flex player.

David Clowney had a nice game for the Jets with 108 receiving yards, thanks to a 73-yard TD.  He’ll still be the Jets #3 WR so don’t get too excited.  Danny Woodhead had 158 yards on 18 carries (8.8 ypc) with 2 TDs.  Get in line though Woodhead.  The Jets are loaded at RB.

Maurice Jones-Drew left the Jags’ preseason game against Washington with a leg injury.  My question is why is your starting RB and best weapon even playing in the final preseason game?  Come on Del Rio.  You’re better than that.

It used to be all that Chris Henry did was get in trouble.  He’s seemed to put that nonsense behind him.  Now all he does is catch TDs.  Maybe he can give Pacman or Brandon Marshall a call.  Scratch that, Pacman is a lost cause.

Hakeem Nicks was a big play thread again with a 64-yard TD.  He’s left with a hip injury.  Hopefully it’s not serious.  Sinorice Moss must have felt the heat as he turned in a strong performance with 2 catches for 35 yards.  Both of his receptions were TDs. 

Benjarvus Green-Ellis made his case for a role in the Patriots rushing attack with 125 yards on 29 carries with 3 TDs.  He showed some versatily with four catches for 22 yards.  Sammy Morris could be the odd man out.

Vince Young played well again.  He’s not likely to take Kerry Collins job barring injury, but I’d like to see him get his life and career back on track.

Steve Slaton owners must have lost some of their swagger when they heard today’s news.  Turns out Chris Brown is taking over the goal line duties.  He’ll still get a ton of yardage, and receptions for you PPR players, but if he’s not reaching paydirt, he’s not really a legit RB1.

Here are some Wide Receivers and Tight Ends that have played well in the preseason.  Let’s evaluate them to see if they can translate their preseason production into fantasy worth when the season begins.

Wide Receivers
Troy Williamson, Jacksonville Jaguars
- Troy still leads the NFL in receiving yards with 232, but his one catch, 11 yard performance against Philadelphia is a reminder that he shouldn’t be counted on for fantasy production.  Yeah, he’ll catch the occasional deep ball, but consistency will be an issue.

Chris Henry, Cincinnati Bengals - Henry scored for the third straight preseason game.  He had 2 catches for 62 yards.  So far he has 13 grabs for 217 yards and 3 TDs.  If he can stay out of trouble, he could have double-digit TDs.  Considering he’s going in the later rounds, he should be a great value pick.

Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants – Nicks had a monster 6 catch, 144 yard, 2 TD performance against the Jets to put him on the fantasy radar.  That gives him 8 catches for 208 yards.  I don’t see him having much fantasy value as he’ll likely share split end duties with Domenik Hixon.

Robert Meachem, New Orleans Saints - Meachem caught one pass for 71 yards in the win over the Raiders giving him 177 yards on 6 catches for a ridiculous 29.5 yards per catch.  He also has competition for playing time, but has a much better QB and passing game with Drew Brees and the Saints.

Maurice Stovall, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Stovall had 6 catches for 74 yards against Miami to bring him to 12 for 123 yards in the preseason.  He could earn a few starts based on Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton’s health, but I don’t see him being much of a factor.  I’d look elsewhere for WR depth.

Tight Ends
Jared Cook, Tennessee Titans – Jared continued to produce with 5 catches for 39 yards in a loss to Cleveland. He has 17 catches for 159 yards this preseason.  The Titans could be using a lot of two TE sets with Cook and Bo Scaife.  He’s a decent TE2 option.

Jonathan Stupar, Buffalo Bills – Stupar had 15 receptions for 155 yards and a score.  He went without a catch in their loss to Pittsburgh.  Look for other options for your TE2.

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Stupid is as Stupid Does“.  Perhaps Forrest Gump was talking about the Bengals’ Wide Receivers when he uttered that memorable phrase.

Cell Block Six

In this case Chris Henry is Stupid and the lastest in a long line of “Does” is more troubling than some of his past misadventures.  Mainly his transgressions have involved alcohol and driving violations, and things of that nature.  This time, however, he’s accused of some violence.  He allegedly hit a 18-year old in the face and busted out his window with a beer bottle.  Despite missing half the season due to his string of arrests (four in a little over a year) he had 21 receptions for 343 yards and a pair of score.  In 2006, despite all of the distractions, he had 9 TDs.  He has the ability to be one of the top receivers in the game, he just refuses to grow up.  He’s not doing Rich Rodgriguez, his coach at West Virginia, any favors in the Family Values department.

UPDATE:  While Chris Henry has his share of misdeeds, he seemed to be turning his life around. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends after his tragic passing.

Look at Me

Then you have Chad Johnson or Ocho Cinco or whatever you want to call him these days.  I prefer Cry Baby.  You get paid to play football.  A lot.  A whole lot.  He wants to get out of the losing situation that is Cincinnati.  He’s got to do what’s best for him.  That’s all fine and dandy, but what he fails to see is that he’s part of the problem.  He has time and time again put himself ahead of his team.  His on-field actions are a distraction.  Would I take his actions over a Chris Henry?  Naturally, but he’s a distraction nonetheless.  Cincinnati looked like it was ready to turn the corner and become a powerhouse following it’s 11-5 2005 season.  However, they regressed with an 8-8 season in 2006 and a 7-9 season last year.  When you’re 15-16 over the past two years, why is Ocho talking so much anyway?  Why is he wearing Future Hall of Fame jackets and planning his endzone celebrations?

All I have to say is Thank Goodenss for T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

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