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Do you prefer Dez Bryant or Kenny Britt this year? Why?

My response:
This is a tough one. Both receivers are extremely capable. Both come with some baggage. Things had been quiet in Britt’s camp though, while Dez Bryant just can’t seem to make a right decision. Britt seems to have Dez trumped in the maturity department. That was until he got arrested after trying to elude police. Bryant’s incidents aren’t nearly on the level as this one.
So that makes Bryant a slam dunk? It certainly helps. Plus, Britt has major quarterback concerns heading into this year. We know Vince Young won’t be throwing him the football, but who will? While that is an uncertainty, we know that Dez will be catching passes from Tony Romo. Even if Tennessee walks away from the 2011 NFL Draft with Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton, which is unlikely, or adds a veteran quarterback via a trade or free agency, Bryant will still be operating with a superior quarterback.
So now Bryant is the obvious choice? Not so fast. Dez has to share with Jason Witten, Miles Austin, the running game, and possibly Roy WIlliams. Britt has to share with Chris Johnson and average-at-best receivers. Of course, that allows Britt to be double-teamed.
Is your head spinning? Mine is too. Britt pretty much scored in every game he played, but only topped 50 yards in five games. Bryant topped 50 yards seven times, but four of those totals were 50 or better.
Britt is in his third season and Bryant is in his second. It’s close, but I’ll give Bryant the slight edge based on Britt’s recent arrest, though both are high risk/high reward options.

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That may seem like a silly question for a player that is tied for eight with 524 receiving yards, but after losing his starting QB, it’s something to consider. That, and the fact that he has just 50 yards in the past two games.
He really has been hit or miss this year+. When he’s good, like in Weeks 1, 2 and 5, he averages 151.3 yards per game. Unfortunately, when he’s bad, like in Weeks 3, 6, and 7, he averages 22.3 ypg. That’s some serious Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde stuff.
Besides losing Romo, Dez Bryant is coming on. He has three TDs in the past two weeks, which gives him one more TD on the year than Miles (not to mention the two punt returns he took to the house). Plus, Roy Williams didn’t go away quietly. He has five TDs on the year, though he didn’t catch a ball last week. Through in Jason Witten, who is averaging 77 yards per game over his past three with 2 TDs after a slow start. It’s almost like there are too many mouths to feed.
That’s before you even consider Felix Jones. The Cowboys desperately need to establish their ground game. Jones has been more active the past three weeks, a trend that will likely continue going forward.
Obviously he’s too talented to bench, even with Kitna at QB, but if you are deep at WR, or play in a 2 WR league, it may be worth considering it. At least until he proves he’s more like the boon receiver rather than the bust.
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  • Written by Eric Stashin of www.rotoprofessor.com


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    Miles Austin may have opened the 2009 season third on the Cowboys depth chart, but he finished among the elite receivers in the game.  The real question is, can he repeat his success or is he a threat for a major regression?


    Before we can talk about the future, let’s look at the past.  Austin didn’t start the Cowboys’ first four games, picking up just five catches for 81 yards.  In fact, in Week 3, he failed to catch a pass against the Carolina Panthers.


    When Roy Williams suffered an injury, Williams slid into the lineup against the Chiefs on October 11 and never really looked back.  He exploded for 10 catches, 250 yards and 2 TD.  He followed that up two weeks later against the Falcons, catching six passes for 171 yards and 2 TD.


    He finished with 81 catches for 1,320 yards and 11 TD.  Among the successes:


    • The yards were third in the NFL (first in the NFC)
    • He was tied for fourth in TD among receivers, behind the leaders with 13 (Vernon Davis, Larry Fitzgerald & Randy Moss)
    • He was second in the league in receptions of 20 or more yards with 21 (Andre Johnson had 22)
    • He was third in the league in receptions of 40 or more yards with 8 (DeSean Jackson led the league with 10)

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    Few teams are stacked the way the Dallas Cowboys are. Love them or hate them, you have to respect the talent they have on both sides of the ball. Fantasy owners will be clamoring for the ‘Boys. Here’s a look at how they stack up.

    Fantasy Playoff Schedule
    :  Slightly Difficult
    They are very talented and showed they can win down the stretch. The next step is proving they can do it in the playoffs, but that has no bearing on their fantasy rating. Dallas faces Philly and Washington at home and Arizona on the road. While the match-ups are difficult, the fact that they play two of the games at home help. Weather should not play a role in the games.

    Five Star Fantasy Options
    Tony Romo – He dates extremely hot women. When he’s not playing football, he’s an amazing golfer. He should be easy to hate, but his smile makes it hard to…at least until you face him in fantasy. He threw for 4483 yards last year with 26 TDs to 9 INT. He was good for a 63.1 completion percentage and a 97.6 passer rating. Throw in 105 yards and a score on the ground and you’re looking at one of the top fantasy QBs in the league. One that got another weapon via the draft.


    Jason Witten – I’d like to see more than two TDs out of Witten, but he’s easily one of the premier TEs in the league. Over the past six seasons he’s averaged 81.3 catches for 936.3 yards and 4.3 TDs.
    Update:  The Cowboys will make it a priority to get the ball to Witten in the red zone this year according to the Dallas Morning News, which further solidifies him as one of the premier fantasy TEs to target this year.

    Four Star Fantasy Options
    Felix Jones – If the Cowboys didn’t have such a crowded backfield I’d put him as a five star option, but he will have to share with Marion Barber III and Tashard Choice. That said, he is an explosive back that, when healthy, will help carry fantasy teams.


    Miles Austin – Clearly he had five star production last year wit 81 catches for 1320 yards and 11 TDs, but he’ll have to prove it before he gets a five star rating from me. Especially when you consider the other weapons at the Cowboys’ disposal. He’s a big, physical receiver that can impose his will on his opponents.

    Three Star Fantasy Options
    Marion Barber – Barber, assuming he’s healthy, will get plenty of touches. He’ll likely be the goal line back as well. Barber is leaner this year, which will give him a burst that was lacking last year. He’s a capable receiver and blocker. He would see increased value if Jones got hurt, but it would be a limited increase as Tashard Choice would be in line for increased opportunities as well.


    Roy Williams – I know he’s underachieved in Dallas, but I’m banking on Dez Bryant’s arrival to push Roy. He only had 38 catches for 596 yards last year, but did manage 7 TDs.


    Cowboys Defense/Special Teams - The Cowboys aren’t just loaded on the offensive side of the ball. They have a very capable defense. Unfortunately they have a tough schedule (Eagles & Giants twice, Texans, Titans, Vikings, Packers, Saints, Colts, and Cardinals).

    Two Star Fantasy Options
    Tashard Choice – No team in the NFL can boast about a trio of RBs like the Cowboys have. The only thing keeping Choice for three or four star rating is opportunity. He can handle the load if called upon. Unfortunately he’s third on the totem pole.


    Dez Bryant – He’s full of talent, but has a little baggage. Well, he came to the right place. Dallas can look past it, especially since it’s nothing major, and get production out of him. Unfortunately there will be a learning curve as a rookie. Not to mention a plethora of options he has to compete with for the football.

    One Star Fantasy Options
    Patrick Crayton – Crayton is almost certain to have a new home in 2010. Depending on where he lands, he could easily see his value jump up to the two or three star range. If he isn’t moved, he just won’t get enough opportunities.


    Martellus Bennett – Bennett would need a Witten injury to emerge, but he is a big, talented TE. In the least I expect him to be more of a red zone thread in 2010.

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    Two quarterbacks displayed great accuracy during their recent pro days. Sam Bradford hit 49 of 50 of his passes, showing that his shoulder was just fine. He wasn’t able to prove that it could stand up to a hit, but it was good to see him display great accuracy and arm strength. Bradford remains a strong candidate for the first overall pick.

    Colt McCoy went a step further by completing all of his 58 passes during his pro day. He doesn’t have the arm strength of a Bradford or a Jimmy Clausen, but his accuracy is unmatched.  McCoy lacks the prototypical height and arm strength of an NFL quarterback, but is a leader and a winner. McCoy will likely go in the second round.

    While Bradford and McCoy seemingly did everything right, wide receiver Dez Bryant did not fare as well. Not only did he forget his cleats, but ran a 4.52 forty time. Bryant needed to be better prepared after already having some character issues. Bryant was suspended for ten games for lying to the NCAA about his relationship with Deion Sanders. Bryant will still likely be the first receiver to come off the board, thanks to his 87 catch, 1480 yard, 19 TD sophomore season. It just appears to be later than originally expected.

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