Edge Finds New Home

24 August 2009

The Edge has landed.  That’s right, Edgerring James found a new home with the Seattle Seahawks.  While I’m happy he found gainful employment, he does not register on my fantasy radar.  All he does is muddy a backfield that was pretty ugly to begin with.  For those of you who drafted already and were counting on Julius Jones to be an adequate backup, your dreams have just been dashed.  Edge isn’t going out like former Seahawk Shaun Alexander did in Washington.  He still has some left in the tank, as evidenced by his solid playoff run.  He may not take the starting job right away, but he will factor in.  T.J. Duckett’s role is safe as Edge isn’t the runner at the goal line he was earlier in his career. 

If I had to pick between Edge and Julius Jones for my fantasy roster, I would go with JJ.  Just keep an eye on how they perform early.

ProFootballTalk.com is reporting that the Seahawks cut T.J. Duckett, which would give both Edge and Julius Jones more fantasy value.  Edge would likely get a crack at the goal line carries.  It’s unlikely Duckett lands anywhere that he’d get an opportunity for meaningful carries.

Image from EdgeJames.com

Fox Sports is reporting that the Saints are interested in the recently released Edgerrin James to fill the void left by Deuce McAllister’s departure.  Pierre Thomas has proven that he can perform when given the opportunity, but he hasn’t proven he can hold up for a full season.  He has just 181 carries the past two years.  Reggie Bush is a threat both running the ball, and catching it, but he is an injury risk.  Having a reliable third back makes a lot of sense.  Though he’ll turn 31 this summer, Edge did show some signs of life in Arizona’s postseason run last year.  He was unhappy with his role last year, and I’m not sure he’d be thrilled to be the third RB in a pass-happy offense.  However, his phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook so his options are limited.


I continue the Super Bowl comparisons with a look at the Running Backs.  Neither team features an elite back, but they both get contributions from multiple players.

Willie Parker, in my opinion, is the back most capable of delivering a big game in Super Bowl XLIII.  He didn’t have a banner year (210 carries for 791 yards & 5 TDs), but turned in a 146 yard, 2 TD performance against San Diego in the Divisional Round.  He was limited to 47 yards on 24 carries in the AFC Championship, but he faced Baltimore.  Arizona has been playing great D in the playoffs, but they are no Baltimore.  Parker had 93 yards on 10 carries (including a 75 yard TD) in his first Super Bowl appearance.

Mewelde Moore is one of the most versatile Running Backs in the league and one of Pittsburgh’s unsung heroes.  In the mold of New England’s Kevin Faulk, Moore had 588 rushing yards with 5 TDs and 40 catches for 320 yards and a TD.  He hasn’t been used much in the postseason, but I sense he might have a bigger role against Arizona.

Finally, Gary Russell (5’11, 215 lbs) can be used for the tough yardage.  He didn’t do much in the regular season (28 carries for 77 yards), but he did punch it in three times.  He added a TD against San Diego.  I don’t see him being a big factor.

For Arizona, Edgerrin James has re-emerged as a feature back during the playoffs.  It actually started in Week 17 when he ran for 100 yars on 14 carries.  He had 207 yards and a TD in wins over Atlanta, Carolina, and Philadelphia.  This after managing just 514 yards and 3 TDs in the regular season.  There is no player I am rooting for more in the Super Bowl than Edge.  I think he got a bum deal in Indy (although it was a move they had to make based on economics).  He has always been a complete back.  Despite his awesome quote “”I didn’t come here to block. I’m not an offensive lineman”, he has always been good at picking up the blitz.  As much as I like Edge, I think this could be his last hurrah in Arizona and likely as a feature back.  He’s on the wrong side of thiry and doesn’t seem willing to accept a backup role gracefully.  Hard to blame him, because that’s all he really knows.  I’d like to think he can continue his playoff success against Pittsburgh, but I’d just be kidding myself.  Pittsburgh’s D is just too tough.  Arizona is going to have to use it’s bread and butter…the passing game.  You can hardly expect a TD out of him because that’s Hightower’s territory.

Tim Hightower is a beast.  He reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Leroy Hoard.  “If you need one yard, I’ll get you three.  If you need four yards, I’ll get you three”.  Talk about a guy who knew his limitations.  He averaged just 2.8 yards per carry in the regular season. He did score 10 TDs though.  Edge has got a lot of credit for stepping up his game in the regular season, but Hightower has as well.  After rushing for 399 yards in 16 games he has 132 in three and a more respectable 3.9 yards per carry.  He also has scored (1 rushing, 2 receiving) in each game.  To me he’s the back most likely to reach paydirt.

J.J. Arrington is a guy who quietly played a nice role for Arizona this year.  He averaged 6.0 yards per carry for 187 yards and a score.  He also caught 29 passes out of the backfield for 255 yards and a score.  He’s  been a pretty effective Kick Returner averaging 25.6 yards per carry with a score.  Like Mewelde Moore he hasn’t played a prominent role this offseason, but is the type of player who could be a sneaky hero on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Advantage:  Even

Arizona Cardinals Preview

4 September 2008

The Cardinals are a mess.  Matt Leinart can’t beat out an aging Kurt Warner for the gig.  Anquan Boldin is unhappy.  They are still one of the worst franchises in all of sports.  They can score some points though.

On Offense Kurt Warner gets a chance to see what he can do.  He threw for over 3400 yards and 27 TDs even though he didn’t play the full season.  He has two great weapons in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, who combined for 2200+ yards and 19 TDs.  Bryant Johnson left the desert for the Bay, but he’ll be replaced by Steve Breaston (second-year out of Michigan), Jerheme Urban, and Early Doucet (rookie out of LSU).  Leonard Pope, at 6’8″ provides a great red zone threat.  On the ground Edge is coming off an awesome year.  He ran for 1200+ yards and 7 TDs and added another 200 through the air.  Tim Hightower, he has one of the coolest names in the NFL, will steal some of Edge’s carries, particularly in the red zone.

Defensively the Cards will have to make due without the versatile Calvin Pace.  Gerald Hayes (98 Tackles) and Karlos Dansby (97 tackles) anchor the Linebackers.  Chike Okeafor did not play last year, but had at least 7.5 Sacks the previous four seasons.  Darnell Dockett had 9 Sacks at DT and Antonio Smith had 5.5 at DE.  Cornerback Roderick Hood and Safety Antrel Rolle each picked off five passes last year.

The NFC West is wide open.  All four teams have a realistic shot at the Division Crown.  I think Seattle holds them off one more time, but Arizona really pushes them this year.  Their Defense is truly the key to the season because the Offense will get theirs.  I see them winning anywhere from 7 Wins to 11 Wins, although I’d lean more toward that low end.

Fantasy-wise Fitz and Boldin are solid #1 & #2 WR choices.  I like Fitz better, but Anquan is no scrub.  Edge is worth having, especially if he can be your #3 RB or a flex player.  Tim Hightower really seems to be pushing him for touches.  Hightower is worth stashing on your bench as a handcuff.  Kurt Warner is worthy of a fantasy starter as long as he stays healthy and the line holds up.  Don’t bother with Matt Leinart until he proves he’s capable.  Arizona Defense is a possibility given their relatively weak Division.  Neil Rackers is a solid Kicker.

KFFL Analysis Draft

6 August 2008

I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in the KFFL Fantasy Football Analysis Draft.  It is a group of 11 fantasy football experts and little old me.  Here is a look at the participants:

  • George del Prado, FantasyAuctioneer.com
  • Matt Knopf, FantasyPlayers.com
  • Tony Holm, FantasySharks.com
  • Jeff Christiansen, FFToolbox.com
  • William Del Pilar, KFFL.com
  • Ryan Lester, LestersLegends.com
  • Paul Greco, MelnickandGrecoFantasySports.com
  • Geoff Stein, Mock Draft Central
  • Jeff Paur, RTSports.com
  • Scott Engel, RotoExperts.com
  • Derrick Eckardt, RotoNation
  • David Dorey, TheHuddle.com
  • It’s not just an mock draft though.  We will be keeping our players and competing in an actual league.  I had the second pick in the draft.  LT went #1 overall.   Here is my draft and analysis.

    First Round, 2nd Pick (#2 overall) – Adrian Peterson

    I do not consider this the #2 pick considering that Adrian Peterson was available.  Instead I choose to call it the 1-B pick.  Peterson exploded on the scene with 1,341 yards and 12 TDs on the ground.  He added another 268 yards and a score through the air.  He topped the 200 yard mark twice. He lit up the Bears for 224 yards and 3 scores in Chicago before setting the single-game rushing record against San Diego with 296 yards and 3 TDs.  The Vikings have a good offensive line (including the league’s best Guard in Steve Hutchinson) and the type of Defense that should allow them to dominate the Time of Possession.  The passing game should be better this year with the maturation of Tarvaris Jackson and the addition of Bernard Berrian, which should keep defenses honest.  This was truly a no-brainer selection.

    Second Round, 11th Pick (#23 overall) – Maurice Jones-Drew

    With my second selection I went with MJD.  I love the fact that he is a multi-purpose threat.  In his first two seasons he had at least 40 catches a year for 400 yards.  He’s also averaged 850 rushing yards (5.1 yards per carry) and 11 rushing TDs a year.  Fred Taylor helps keep him fresh and Jacksonville is typically ahead in games allowing MJD to pile on the yards.  I debated going Jamal Lewis or T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but in the end, I couldn’t pass up this young, fireball of a Running Back.  I’m hoping for 1200+ total yards and around 10 TDs.  I’d love his 40 reception streak continue as well.

    Third Round, 2nd Pick (#26 overall) – T.J. Houshmandzadeh

    I debated between MJD and Housh, and was fortunate enough to get both.  Housh has been a force in recent years, but was amazing last year.  He caught 112 passes for 1143 yards and 12 TDs.  I believe he’s the best WR available (with the possible exception of Chad Johnson) and I wanted to have a big-play WR that is a TD target.  I’d like to see Housh catch 90+ balls for 1000+ yards and 10+ TDs.  If he comes close to those standards, he’ll be a great value in the 3rd Round.  I considered going Chad Johnson (didn’t want the drama), Tony Romo or Drew Brees (I’ll wait a bit for a QB) or Antonio Gates (I’ll wait for TE as well.

    Fourth Round, 11th Pick (#47 overall) – Dwayne Bowe

    I was hoping Kellen Winslow would have made it to me, but alas, he was selected under my nose.  I instead turned to second-year WR Dwayne Bowe.  I love his size and strength (6’2″, 221 lbs).  He caught 70 passes for 995 yards and 5 TDs as a rookie.  I think he should be able to increase those numbers next season.  I also considered Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, and Santonio Holmes.  In the end, I just like Bowe.

    Fifth Round, 2nd Pick (#50 overall) – Edgerrin James

    I decided to get defensive in the fifth round and add some RB depth.  A couple of the teams had only 1 RB at the time so I figured I would take one of the options off the board instead of reach for another WR or TE at the time.  As with my last pick (Dwayne Bowe) I may have went a different direction if a player, in this case Carson Palmer, was still available.  I debated taking the same three WRs again, but decided I could get similar value with my next pick.

    Sixth Round, 11th Pick (#71 overall) – Chris Cooley

    Everything about Chris Cooley is big.  His size (6’3, 249 lbs), his hair, and his game (700+ yards each of the past three seasons).  He has also been a solid TD threat with 27 in his first four years in the league.  He’s never had fewer than 6 TDs in a  year.  I really like the value of Colley here as I feel he’s just a shade below the Big 4 (Gates, Witten, Gonzo, & Winslow).  I knew if I didn’t get a Tight End here I would have to take a lower tier TE later.  I could have waited until the seventh round (three picks later), but this way I got the TE I wanted (Dallas Clark and Shockey were alternatives).  I’m hoping for 70+ receptions for 700-800 yards and 6-8 TDs. 

    Seventh Round, 2nd Pick (#74 overall) – Donald Driver

    With essentially a rookie QB at the helm (assuming that’s how “As the Favre Turns” shakes out), I figure Donald Driver will be a nice security blanket.  Sure, Greg Jennings hits the Home Runs, but without #4 that well could dry up.  Enter Donald Driver.  He’s caught at least 80 passes each of the pass four seasons.  He had 1,048 yards last year ending a streak of three consecutive 1200 yard seasons.  I don’t see him getting back to the 1200 mark, but he’s also not a #1 or #2 fantasy WR anymore.  My expectations have lowered for Driver, but an 80 reception, 900 yard, 6-8 TD year would be adequate from my #3 WR.

    Eighth Round, 11th Pick (#95 overall) – Felix Jones

    I chose Felix Jones for RB depth.  He is lightning quick and should fill the void left by Julius Jones’ departure.  He is accustomed to sharing the load as he teamed up with Darren McFadden in Arkansas to form a dangerous 1-2 punch.  He should get some play in 3rd down situations so a healthy reception total is very possible.  A final nugget that could prove useful for Jones is that Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones went to Arkansas.  I considered going QB here, but knew that one would be there in the next round.  I’m hoping for somewhere around 20-30 receptions, 600-800 total yards, and 4 TDs.  

    Ninth Round, 2nd Pick (#98 overall) – Marc Bulger

    To say Marc Bulger struggled in 2007 is a major understatement.  He had just 2,392 yards, 11 TDs to 15 INTs, and a 70.3 QB Rating.  The Rams in general were a major disappoinment though.  I think the Rams will bounce back in ’08 if they can avoid the injury pitfalls that derailed them last year.  Bulger was considered one of the top QBs a year ago when he threw for 4301 yards, 24 TDs, and 8 INTs.  If he can return to that form I’ll have one of the best values in the draft.  I am hoping for 3600-3800 yards, 20-24 TDs, and less than 15 INTs out of Bulger.

    Tenth Round, 11th Pick (#119 overall) – New England Patriots Defense/Special Teams

    With Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and San Diego DSTs already off the board I decided now was the time to grab an elite DST.  I love the fact that NE plays Miami, Buffalo, and the Jets twice during the season.  They also play Kansas City, San Francisco, and most importantly Oakland in the fantasy playoffs.  I think the Patriots are going to play with a chip on their shoulder on defense after seeing their Perfect Season slip through their hands.  Sure, they lost some pieces on Defense, but they are the Patriots.  They’ll carry on without them.  I also considered the Bears, Baltimore, and Jacksonville Defenses, but opted for the AFC Champs instead.  I am hoping for 45+ Sacks, 20+ INTs, 10+ Fumble Recoveries, and 3+ TDs. 

    Eleventh Round, 2nd Pick (#122 overall) -Bryant Johnson

    Johnson has left the desert for the bay.  He has had 40+ receptions in each of the past four seasons with Arizona.  He’s going to an offense that should be pass happy with Mike Martz’s influence.  He’s a big WR (6’3″, 213 lbs) and could be coming into his prime in his sixth season in the NFL.  I knew I needed some WR depth here and Johnson has been a guy I was big on during the free agency period.  I thought if he landed in the right spot he could have a solid year.  Hopefully SF is the right spot.  I am hoping for 60 catches for 700 yards and 6 TDs.

    Twelfth Round, 11th Pick (#143 overall) – Alge Crumpler

    I’m hoping a change of scenery will work wonders for Alge Crumler, who up until last year was a top five Tight End.  He is happy to get away from the disaster that Atlanta became, and is looking forward to hooking up with new QB Vince Young, who athleticism probably reminds him of his old QB.  Despite his injury issues and team issues he still turned in a decent year for a TE last year with 42 catches for 444 yards and 5 TDs.  If he can split the difference between those stats and an average of the previous three years where he had 774+ yard each year, I’d be happy.  I’m hoping for at least 50 catches for 600 yards and  TDs from Alge.

    Thirteenth Round, 2nd Pick (#146 overall) – Jon Kitna

    I decided to go for a backup QB here.  I thought I would have more options, but the teams on both sides of me took QBs (Brett Favre and Alex Smith).  Kitna’s value takes a hit with Martz gone, but he does have a couple of good WRs still.  He has consecutive 4000 yard seasons completing over 62% of his passes both years.  His TD numbers (21 & 18) will likely go down, but I’m hoping that his INTs will follow.  I’m hoping for 3600+ yards, 18+ TDs, and 15 or fewer INTs.

    Fourteenth Round, 11th Pick (#167 overall) – Jacob Hester

    This late in the game I decided to take a risk in Jacob Hester.  He’s big (6’0″, 224 lbs) and will likely get some carries late in ball games as San Diego finishes teams off.  Darren Sproles doesn’t have the size to take the beating so Hester could fill the void left by Michael Turner’s departure.  The rookie out of LSU could be in line for serious touches if this were the year LT went down.  I’m hoping for 400+ yards and 4 TDs, but those numbers could skyrocket if he were to receive more carries.

    Fifteenth Round, 2nd Pick (#170 overall) – Kevin Walter

    I like Kevin Walter in a PPR league because he has the opportunity to catche a lot of balls.  With all the attention Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels receive, Walter could be the poison that more often than not gets picked.  He had seven games of 5+ receptions last year en route to 65 catches for 800 yards and 4 TDs.  He’s bigger than I initially thought at 6’3″, 215, which makes him a decent redzone target.  I’m hoping for 75+ receptions for 700 yards and 6 TDs from Walter. 

    Sixteenth Round, 11th Pick (#191 overall) – Neil Rackers

    I wouldn’t have went with a Kicker here since we were drafting so early, but you can’t make a roster move until after the first week.  I would have grabbed another Running Back in case there was a Preseason injury.  Since I had to choose a Kicker I went with Rackers.  He opens up with two nice games against San Francisco and Miami.  He should get me off to a good start.  I’d be happy if he returned to his 2005 form, but I’m just hoping he does better than last year.

    Thanks KFFL for allowing me to participate.

    See how I’m doing in the KFFL Analysis Draft.

    I did my 11th Live Mock Fantasy Football Draft today using Mock Draft Central.  The thing I liked about this site is there is much more flexibility.  You can sign up for a variety of team sizes, rounds, and even styles.  If you are in a PPR league you can do a PPR mock draft.

    I had the fourth pick in a ten team 15 round mock draft.   I opened up with Brian Westbrook.  He’s such a multi-purpose threat.  In Round 2 I was a little surprised to see T.O. there.  I had to take him.   He piles up the yardage and TDs.  I still didn’t like the available RBs in the 3rd Round with stud WRs like Andre Johnson still on the board.  I think he’s more likely to produce big numbers than a Laurence Maroney.  I went with A.J.  In the 4th I took Reggie Bush.  He should have produce a ton of all-purpose yardage again this year.  In the 5th I opted for Wes Welker.   He was virtually impossible to cover last year.  In the 6th I went with Edge.   Tony Gonzalez was still around in the 7th so I grabbed him.  In the 8th I added WR depth with Chris Chambers.  In the 9th I broke down and grabbed a QB.  I selected Marc Bulger.  In the 10th I went with RB depth in Felix Jones.  In the 11th I took Philip Rivers as Bulger insurance.  In the 12th I went Defense with New England.  In the 13th I added RB depth with Ahmad Bradshaw.  In the 14th I added WR depth with Bryant Johnson.  I finished with a Kicker (was forced to).  I chose David Akers.  This could be my favorite team I’ve put together yet.

    Marc Bulger
    Philip Rivers


    Brian Westbrook
    Reggie Bush
    Felix Jones
    Ahmad Bradshaw

    Andre Johnson
    Wes Welker
    Chris Chambers
    Bryant Johnson

    Tony Gonzalez

    New England

    David Akers

    I did my sixth The Sporting News Live Mock Fantasy Football Draft today.  They offer 10 & 12 Team Drafts that go 15 rounds, which  I use to gauge where people are picked.  As the season approaches, these Mock Drafts become better because everyone is more up-to-speed on the players and you get a full draft.  When there isn’t a full draft, there is an Autopick in place.  They go by Sporting News rankings.  It’s not ideal, but it’s acceptable.  Another cool feature is the chat board which allows you to discuss players with other fantasy football fanatics.    

    I had the first pick in a ten-team draft.  I took LT, who I feel is the safest pick for the top spot.  My back-to-back 2nd & 3rd picks netted me a pair of dandy wideouts, Marques Colston and Andre Johnson.  With my next two seletions (4th & 5th rounds) I chose Edge and Carson Palmer.  With my 6th & 7th picks I grabbed another pair of WRs in Dwayne Bowe and Roddy White.  In the 8th & 9th rounds I selected Matt Forte, for RB depth, and Jeremy Shockey.  I went for RB depth in the 10th & 11th by taking Felix Jones and Deuce McAllister.  In the 12th & 13th I snagged Santana Moss and Ahman Green.  With my two final picks I took Pittsburgh and Indianapolis Defenses.

    Carson Palmer


    Matt Forte
    Felix Jones
    Deuce McAllister
    Ahman Green

    Marques Colston
    Andre Johnson
    Dwayne Bowe
    Roddy White
    Santana Moss

    Jeremy Shockey


    I did my fifth The Sporting News Live Mock Fantasy Football Draft today.  They offer 10 & 12 Team Drafts that go 15 rounds, which  I use to gauge where people are picked.  As the season approaches, these Mock Drafts become better because everyone is more up-to-speed on the players and you get a full draft.  When there isn’t a full draft, there is an Autopick in place.  They go by Sporting News rankings.  It’s not ideal, but it’s acceptable.  Another cool feature is the chat board which allows you to discuss players with other fantasy football fanatics.   

    Here’s the team I drafted:
    I had the 11th pick and started with Frank Gore with my 1st pick.  I see a bounce back season for Gore and loved the value.  With my 2nd pick I took Reggie Wayne.  He is perhaps the safest of the Big Dog WRs because of his age and his QB.  With my 3rd pick I opted for Torry Holt.  I followed that pick up with a quick grab of Edgerrin James in the 4th.  I think he’s got at least another high-end season in him.  I figured he was a good value for the 4th round.  In the 5th I took Tony Gonzalez, the last elite TE left.  In the 6th I finished my skill position starters with Dwayne Bowe.  In the 7th and 8th I grabbed some RB depth in Matt Forte and Felix Jones.  In the 9th I opted for WR depth in Vincent Jackson.  In the 10th I decided to grab a QB.  I selected Donovan McNabb.  In the 11th Round I added another RB in Tennessee’s Chris Johnson.  In the 12th I added WR depth with Patrick Crayton.  I took Matt Schaub in the 12th as McNabb insurance.  In the 13th I took Washington Defense.  I wrapped it up with Philadelphia Defense.

    Donovan McNabb
    Matt Schaub


    Frank Gore
    Edgerrin James
    Matt Forte
    Felix Jones
    Chris Johnson

    Reggie Wayne
    Torry Holt
    Dwayne Bowe
    Vincent Jackson
    Patrick Crayton

    Tony Gonzalez


    We’ve done the Big Dog RBs and the Second Tier RBs, now it’s time to look at the next wave of RBs.  These are likely your #2 backs unless you opted to go QB or WR early (which isn’t a bad idea).

    Willie Parker – Fast Willie piled on the yards last year (1316 to be exact), but didn’t make many trips (2) to the endzone.  I don’t see Big Ben tossing as many TD passes next year so that number should go up.  The problem I have with Willie is the drafting of Rashard Mendenhall.  He scares me if I’m a Willie Parker owner.

    Jamal Lewis – Jamal had a terrific season (1552 total yards, 11 TDs) last year with Cleveland, but I just don’t trust him to be my #1 RB.  I expect their passing attack to take a step back next year, which will make it harder to run.

    Ryan Grant – Ryan Grant came in and answered Green Bay’s prayers for some balance.  Lost in the whole QB debate is whether or not Grant will be a fluke.  If Rodgers struggles at QB, things could get difficult for Grant.  I’d hate to pin my hopes on him.

    Maurice Jones-Drew/Fred Taylor – MJD gets the TDs.  Fred Taylor gets the yards.  Will the recipe be the same in Jacksonville next year?  Most likely.  They compliment each other so well.  Unfortunately for fantasy owners it makes it difficult to rely on either one.  Obviously I give MJD the edge because of his age and his ability to reach paydirt.

    Laurence Maroney – Did you see Maroney run in the playoffs?  I’m sure the Patriot Coaches did.  Heck, they probably even have video on it.  Bad jokes aside, I see the Patriots running a more balanced attack next year.  With the holes the passing game should open, Maroney should run wild.

    Ronnie Brown – Until he got hurt, Ronnie Brown was having one of the best years by any RB.  Unfortunately he blew out his knee following an Interception (thanks Cleo Lemon) and will likely take a year or so to get back to form.

    Brandon Jacobs – Brandon Jacobs is a beast.  He should have plenty of opportunity to score TDs.  He needs to prove he can stay healthy.  He’ll likely have to share carries with some capable running mates.

    Edgerrin James – Edge had over 1400 total yards last year, but will turn the dreaded 30 next month.  That usually doesn’t go over very well for a Running Back.  The Cards have two extraordinary WRs to keep defenses honest, but I’d be shocked if Edge replicates his 2007 campaign.

    Darren McFadden – This one is based on potential, but Run DMC sure seems to be this year’s version of Adrian Peterson.  I don’t see him running for as many yards, or breaking any records, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he finished in top ten for RB fantasy scoring.

    Previous Previews

    1999 NFL Draft Re-mix

    24 May 2008

    Here’s a look back at the 1999 to see who the teams would take if they could do it over knowing what they know today.  This was a lot of fun making.  I hope you enjoy it. 

    P.S.  I hope nobody gets that Prince song stuck in their head.

    #1 Cleveland Browns – Donovan McNabb
    Yeah, Tim Couch didn’t exactly work out.  McNabb has had his ups and downs, but the five-time Pro Bowler has had more ups.  He’s thrown for over 25,000 yards, 171 TDs (to 79 INTs), ran for 24 TDs, completed 58.7% of his passes and has a passer rating of 85.8.

    #2 Philadelphia Eagles – Champ Bailey Guest Pick – JP)
    “The Eagles select this 8x Pro Bowl shutdown cornerback who quarterbacks tend to avoid being that he has 42 career INTS.”

    #3 Cincinnati Bengals – Al Wilson
    I was tempted to take Torry Holt or Edge, but offense hasn’t been Cincy’s problem.  To solve some defensive woes the Bengals grab the five-time Pro Bowl (two-time All-Pro) LB with 723 tackles, 21.5 Sacks, and 5 INTs.

    #4 Indianapolis Colts – Edgerrin James
    This pick worked out pretty well for the Colts so why mess with it?  Edge was named All-Pro/Pro Bowler four times.  He has 11,607 career rushing yards with 77 TDs and 3260 receiving yards with 11 TDs. Plus, he made life easier for Peyton.

    #5 New Orlenas Saints – Torry Holt
    At least Holt’s career didn’t go “Up in Smoke” like their original draft pick.  He’s a two-time All-Pro and seven-time Pro Bowler.  He has 805 receptions for 11,864 yards, and 71 TDs.

    #6 St. Louis Rams – Donald Driver
    With Holt gone, the “Greatest Show on Turf” would need a replacement.  Donald Driver is the next best option.  He’s a three-time Pro Bowler with 503 receptions for 6977 yards, and 38 TDs.

    #7 Washington Redskins – Chris McAllister
    With Champ Bailey gone, the ‘Skins go with the next best thing in three-time Pro Bowler Chris McAllister.  He has 411 tackles and 23 INTs in his career.  He’s not the Champ, but he’s not a bad challenger. 

    #8 Arizona Cardinals – Patrick Kerney
    Instead of the steroid-loving bodybuilding WR David Boston, the Cards would go with a DE that scares QBs instead.  He has 346 Tackles, 72.5 Sacks, and 3 INTs while earning two All-Pro/Pro Bowl nods.

    #9 Detroits Lions – Daunte Culpepper
    Culpepper has had some highs (two-time All-Pro, three-time Pro Bowler) and lows (Bang Boat), but he would give the Lions something they’ve lacked for years…a skilled QB.  Pep has passed for 22422 Yards and 142 TDs (94 INTs) with a 63.8% completion percentage and a 89.9 passer rating.

    #10 Baltimore Ravens – Dre Bly
    With McAllister off the board, the Ravens opt for the next best CB in Bly.  He has 416 Tackles to go along with his 38 career INTs.  He’s been named to two Pro Bowls.

    #11 Minnesota Vikings – Jevon Kearse
    With Culpepper gone and a weak QB crop (Aaron Brooks is the next best thing), the Vikings go with “The Freak”.  The two-time All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowler has 278 tackles and 69.5 Sacks.  He was especially nasty his first three years recording 36 Sacks.

    #12 Chicago Bears – Ricky Williams
    Hear me out.  Ricky is a gifted Running Back.  He ran for 6354 yards and 41 TDs to go along with 1806 receiving yards and 4 TDs in his first five seasons.  That’s an average of 1632 yards and 9 TDs.  Sure he flaked out, but getting five great seasons from a RB is pretty good.  Plus, playing for the Bears fans may have inspired him to avoid his temptations.  If not, you still get that ground game cooking for five years.

    #13 Pittsburgh Steelers – Joey Porter
    The Steelers originally got Joey with the 73rd pick, but if they want the three-time All-Pro and Pro Bowler they would have to take him here.  Not that their original pick of Troy Edwards did much anyway.  Talent-wise I probably would have went with Porter for Cincy, but they don’t need any more troubled athletes.  Porter has 533 Tackles, 65.5 Sacks, and 12 INTs in his career. 

    #14 Kansas City Chiefs – Jon Jansen
    John Tait is pretty good, but I think Jansen is a little better Tackle.  When he stays healthy he’s one of the better offensive lineman in the game. 

    #15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Rucker
    Instead of Booger McFarland (must have been a huge Revenge of the Nerd fan), the Bucs would great Mike Rucker, who has 421 tackles and 55.5 Sacks. He made one Pro Bowl team.

    #16 Tennessee Titans – Rod Coleman
    Tennessee turns to Pro Bowler Rod Coleman to fill the void of Jevon Kearse.  The big fella has 271 tackles and 58.5 Sacks.  He was also named to one Pro Bowl.

    #17 New England Patriots – Damien Woody
    The Pro Bowl offensive lineman can play all three positions and helped New England to two Super Bowl wins.  If they could do it over, they probably wouldn’t change.

    #18 Oakland Raiders – L.J. Shelton
    Shelton has had a decent career, and would be an upgrade over the original pick of Matt Stinchcomb.

    #19 New York Giants – Antoine Winfield
    The G-Men go after solid tackling CB Antoine Winfield.  He has 711 tackles and 18 INTs.  He’s had five 80+ tackle seasons.  

    #20 Dallas Cowboys – Rosevelt Colvin
    The Cowboys add pass-rush specialist Rosevelt Colvin.  He has 365 tackles and 52.5 Sacks.

    #21 Arizona Cardinals – John Tait
    With Shelton gone, the Cards grab John Tait to man their offensive line. 

    #22 Seattle Seahawks – Aaron Smith
    Instead of flopping with Lamar King, the Seahawks grab Pro Bowl DE Aaron Smith.  Smith has 366 tackles and 36.5 Sacks.

    #23 Buffalo Bills – Dexter Jackson
    The Bills add S Dexter Jackson to beef up their secondary.  He has 460 tackles and 17 INTs.

    #24 San Francisco 49ers – Eric Barton
    The 49ers go with LB Eric Barton, who has 638 tackles, 18.5 Sacks, and 4 INTs.  He has four 100 tackles seasons.

    #25 Green Bay Packers – Mike McKenzie
    The Pack orginally got him with the 87th pick, and he caused them a headache as he forced his way out of town, but he gave them five solid years when he collected 287 tackles and 15 INTs.  Overall he has 26 picks.

    #26 Jacksonville Jaguars – Marty Booker
    The Jags add Pro Bowl WR Marty Booker to team with McCardell and Jimmy Smith.  He has 6311 yards and 34 TDs.  He had a pair of 1000 yard seasons. 

    #27 Detroit Lions – Desmond Clark
    The Lions give new QB Daunte Culpepper a big target at TE to work with .  The Pro Bowler has 3067 yards and 24 TDs.

    #28 New England Patriots – Dat Nguyen
    The Pats swung and missed with Andy Katzenmoyer.  The grab the undersized LB Dat Nguyen instead.  Nguyen had 516 tackles, 6 Sacks, and 7 INTs.  He had three 100 tackles seasons.

    #29 Minnesota Vikings – Aaron Brooks
    I hate to do it, but without Culpepper the Vikes do need a QB.  Michael Vick’s cousin had 20,261 yards, 123 TDs (92 INTs), 1534 Rushing yards and 13 TDs.  He wasn’t the best QB, but he did have four straight 3500+ yard/21+ TD seasons.

    #30 Atlanta Falcons – Luke Petitgout
    Petitgout has been a solid Tackle for the G-Men for 8 years before going to Tampa Bay.  Atlanta would be happy with him.

    #31 Denver Broncos – Chris Claiborne
    He’s no Al Wilson, but Claiborne is a serviceable LB.  He had 570 tackles, 15 Sacks, and 8 INTs.  He had three straight 100+ tackle seasons.

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