Football News from a Chick interviewed me as part of Beeze‘s Interview Game.  Here are the Q and A’s.

HOW did you become the Fantasy Football Guru that you are?
Pretty much learned from my brother.  He dominated a league that had 12-16 owners depending on the year.  He seemed to win every other year.  I learned from him, though I wouldn’t say I’m a guru.  Just a football fan.

WHAT one thing, would you most like to do & yes it can be something you’ve done already & would like to do again, because that’s how awesome it was:
Go to a Red Sox World Series clinching game.  I’ve never been to a playoff game, and the Red Sox are my favorite team in all of sports (though football is my favorite sport).  A game 7 World Series game won by the Red Sox in the 9th inning would be awesome.

HOW did you come up with the name Lester’s Legends?
It was a name I came up for my teams in Sporting News fantasy games.  It was pretty much to talk trash to my college friends.  When I started to blog on there, and somehow became popular on the site, I figured I’d stick with the name.  It’s my last name, and the legends doesn’t refer to me, but the guys I picked for my teams.

WHAT is you favorite food EVER?
So many to choose from.  I’d say Chicken parm, but I’d kill for a good cheesesteak.  Hot Wings and my wife’s Chow Mein Hotdish are right up there.

If you had to pack 2 things to be stranded for life on a deserted island, what would those 2 things be?
My family and a computer.

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