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17 August 2010

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OK, he hasn’t come out and said he’s going to play this year. There have been no dramatic helicopter entrances, but there is another sign that Brett Favre is going to play for the Vikings this year. That sign is a visit from a trio of teammates. According to the Star Tribune Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Longwell headed down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to convince Favre to play in his 20th season. If Favre says no, I could see Jared Allen hogtying him, strapping him to Steve Hutchinson’s back, and bringing him back to the Twin Cities. If you have an early fantasy draft, feel free to take a gamble on Favre around the 10th round. If he shocks the world and doesn’t come back, you won’t be out too much. If he does return, you get an exceptional value (click to see my 2010 QB rankings).


***Breaking Update***

NFL Network’s Scott Hanson tweeted that “Brett Favre took off 2:20pm est. My source says he’s going back to Minnesota. Stay with NFLN for more.” Fox’s Jay Glazer backs up the story tweeting “Brett Favre has told trio of vikings who came to persuade him to return that he is “back in” and is on plane back to minny now”. Be prepared on your drive home to hear all-Favre-all-the-time on sports radios. Favre will also take over ESPN and the rest of the sports outlets for the night.

I’m working under the assumption that Brett Favre will return to the Vikings. If he doesn’t things will change for the Purple, but the likelihood is extremely high that #4 will be back.

Fantasy Playoffs Schedule:  Difficult
The Vikings start things off with the Giants at home in Week 14. Next they take on the Bears at home. Finally, they play in Philly for the fantasy championship. Favre could be under heavy fire for this stretch.

Five Star Fantasy Options
Adrian Peterson – I don’t understand why he missed practice for Adrian Peterson Day. Couldn’t they try to adhere to his schedule? Aside from that lack of judgement, Peterson’s only other concern is putting the ball on the turf. I trust that he’ll improve that aspect of his game. I have him as my #1 fantasy RB.

Four Star Fantasy Options
Brett Favre – At some point his game will decline, but after witnessing last year’s explosiveness, I’m not banking on this being the year. He has so many weapons, and he just has fun with this group.

Sidney Rice – I’m a little worried that he’ll see a major regression in 2010 simply because there are so many other options for Favre. He has such good length, leaping ability, and body control that I don’t see him slipping too far.

Vikings Defense/Special Teams – As long as Jared Allen is roaming the field, the Vikings are a good bet for sacks. Throw in Ray Edwards and the Williams Wall and you got yourself a tough defense. If E.J. Henderson can stay healthy, the LBs will be rock solid as well. Unfortunately their second game against Detroit comes in Week 17, but they should still be an elite fantasy defense in 2010.

Three Star Fantasy Options
Percy Harvin – Harvin was an explosive player last year for the Vikes. It seemed like only his migraines would slow him down. I actually think they’ll be more creative with Harvin this year, making him even more of a headache to cover.

Visanthe Shiancoe – He racked up 11 TDs last year and 7 the year before so clearly he’s a great target in the red zone. He just isn’t going to give you big yardage because of the other options.

Two Star Fantasy Options
Bernard Berrian – Berrian was somewhat overlooked last year. In part because he struggled through injury. He’ll have his moments, but consistency will be an issue.

One Star Fantasy Options
Ryan Moats, Albert Young, Toby Gerhart – The Vikings had a key loss on offense when Chester Taylor went to Chicago. They have other options, but they likely won’t be as good. Taylor was a decent flex option, whereas this trio will only be viable if Peterson gets hurt.

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The Vikings better hope that either Jared Allen’s mullet grows quickly or that his strength isn’t tied to his hair like Sampson. For now though, the mullet is gone. He trimmed it for his wedding. Personally I just hope the mullet goes away. It’s not that I have an issue with the hair. I just get tired of the ongoing joke about mullets that I just don’t find funny. It’s business up front and party in the back. Ha. Oh wait, that’s just lame. Any mention of a mullet sends shivers down my spine the same way as when “Get ‘er done” or “fuggedaboutit” is uttered. I guess it’s better talking about Allen’s hair than speculating whether or not Brett Favre is playing next year. Brett’s not fooling anyone. He’ll suit up with Allen with or without the mullet.


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Minnesota Vikings Preview

27 August 2008

The Vikings made some big splashes in the offseason by acquiring Jared Allen via trade and signing one of the biggest free agents on offense in Bernard Berrian.  Was it enough to put them over the hump and get them in the playoffs?  I think so. 

The Vikings Offense will rely heavily on the rushing attack of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.  They have the best Guard in the NFL in Steve Hutchinson, who should provide good running lanes for the aforementioned backs.  They will have to deal with the looming suspension of Left Tackle Bryant McKinnie for his misdeeds in the offseason.  However, I think the Vikes will be able to patch their line enough to get by.  In the passing game, Tarvaris Jackson will be asked to play relatively mistake-free football.  He won’t be required to make a lot of plays.  He just needs to avoid screwing up.  He also needs to prove that he can stay healthy.  At least if he goes down this year, they are in better hands with Gus Frerotte waiting in the wings.  Aside from Berrian, Sidney Rice should show improvement from a decent rookie campaign at the other WR slot.  Bobby Wade moves to the Slot, which he is better suited for. 

Defensively the Vikings need to shore up a pass defense that has been atrocious the past couple of seasons.  Ever since Tom Brady and New England carved them at the Dome a couple years ago, teams have basically abandoned the run and simply torched the Vikes through the air.  Jared Allen should put pressure on the Quarterback, which means they won’t have as much time to pick on the DBs.  That should have a great impact on their coverage ability.  Kevin Williams should receive less attention to as teams can’t focus on him with Allen by his side.  I could see both of them reaching double-digits sacks this year.

The Vikings should be able to win the division this year with the departure of Brett Favre.  I can’t imagine Green Bay being as good.  Chicago needs to prove it can actually score some points, and Detroit is just Detroit.  WIll they go anywhere in the playoffs?  It’s possible, but they will need T-Jax to make some plays.  We’ll see if he’s up for the task.  My guess is they are one-and-done.

Fantasy-wise it all starts with Adrian Peterson.  He has the ability to rush for 2000 yards.  Will he do it?  Not likely.  Is it a possibility?  You betcha.  Chester Taylor could be a flex position possibility in large leagues, but will mainly be used as a handcuff in case Adrian Peterson misses any time.  Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice will be worthy or rosters spots, but I’m guessing it’s hit or miss with them.  If a team has a good pass rush, you probably want to avoid them.  Minnesota Defense should be one of the top fantasy units in the game as they will likely pile up the Sacks.  Ryan Longwell could be a nice value at Kicker.

2004 NFL Draft Re-mix

19 June 2008
Here’s a look back at the 2004 NFL Draft to see who the teams would take if they could do it over knowing what they know today.  This was a lot of fun making.  I hope you enjoy it. 

#1 San Diego Chargers – Larry Fitzgerald
So you keep Drew Brees and add a two-time Pro Bowl WR.  There is no QB controversy and you add a WR with a pair of 100 catch, 1400 yard, 10 TD seasons.

#2 Oakland Raiders – Ben Roethlisberger
To say Robert Gallery has been a disappoinment is a major understatement.  If they could do it over again they would add Big Ben, who has the arm and th moxie to lead Oakland out of the doldrums.

#3 Arizona Cardinals – Jared Allen
The Cardinals can’t let a high-energy pass rushing phenom get away.  They grab the 2007 NFL Sack leader here.  He has 230 Tackles and 43 Sacks in four seasons. 

#4 New York Giants – Eli Manning
We’ll avoid all of the nonsense that went on with this draft day trade and simply keep Eli Manning in New York, where he led them to a Super Bowl last year.  He has 11.385 yards and 77 TDs in four seasons.

#5 Washington Redskins – Sean Taylor
You can’t predict the tragedy that took Sean Taylor’s life.  I won’t disparage his memory by replacing him.

#6 Cleveland Browns – Vince Wilfork
Perhaps nobody clogs up the middle quite as well as Wilfork (listed at 6’2″, 325 lbs).  He’s racked up 195 Tackles and 5.5 Sacks in his career.  The game is won in the trenches, and Wilfork provides an immediate upgrade.

#7 Detroit Lions – Will Smith
Instead of drafting another Wide Receiver the Lions go with the Fresh Prince instead.  In four years he has 220 Tackles and 33.5 Sacks.  He’s never had less than 7 Sacks in a year. 

#8 Atlanta Falcons – Philip Rivers
DeAngelo Hall has skills, but he was such a pain that they shipped him out of town.  With Michael Vick a few years away from the cooler, the Falcons would be wise to grab Philip Rivers, who’s been pretty solid for San Diego.  The 2006 Pro Bowler has 6540 yards and 43 TDs (to only 24 INTs) the past two years.  He has a 86.6 career passer rating and a 60.8% completion percentage.

#9 Jacksonville Jaguars – Roy Williams
The Jags brought in Jerry Porter and Troy Williamson this year so you know their situation needs addressing.  They turn to Roy Williams who has 244 catches for 3650 Yards and 28 TDs in four years.

#10 Houston Texans – Steven Jackson
Action Jackson could have possibly gone sooner, but when you can address QB and defensive line needs, you do so.  Jackson has 4249 Rushing Yards, 1586 Receiving Yards, and 36 TDS (30 Rushing) in four years.  He has three straight 1000 yard seasons despite being hampered with an injury last year.

#11 Pittsburgh Steelers – Willie Parker
I guess this time they’ll have to draft two-time Pro Bowler Fast Willie.  He’s had three straight 1200+ yard seasons.  For his career he has 4198 Yards and 19 TDs.   

#12 New York Jets – Bob Sanders
Jonathan Vilma was a pretty good selection for the Jets, but considering they already chose to go in a different direction, I’ll pick Defensive Player of the Year Bob Sanders to bring some toughness to the Jets D.  He’s not big, but he packs a punch.  He has fought through injuries to rack up 251 Tackles, 3.5 Sacks, and 4 INTs.  He’s earned All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors in 2005 & 2007.

#13 Buffalo Bills – Lee Evans
Although he’s inconsistent, can you imagine the Bills without him?  They would be even more hurting at WR.  He has 233 Receptions for 3727 Yards, and 29 TDs.  If only I can convince him that month is December.

#14 Chicago Bears – Tommie Harris
Chicago  sticks with their pick and takes two-time All-Pro (3 Pro Bowls) DT Tommie Harris.  When healthy he’s one of the best in the game.  He has 141 Tackles and 19.5 Sacks to date.

#15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jonathan Vilma
Putting Vilma alongside Derrick Brooks would be a lot of fun.  Vilma has 441 Tackles, including 173 in 2005 earning him a Pro Bowl nod, and 6 INTs. 

#16 Philadelphia Eagles – Shawn Andrews
Anytime you draft a quality Offensive Lineman, you hold on to him if at all possible.  The Eagles are following that mantra by sticking with All-Pro (2 Pro Bowls) G Shawn Andrews.  He’s too important to their offense to pass up.

#17 Denver Broncos – Shaun Phillips
Not that D.J. Willimas hasn’t worked out for the Broncos, but Shaun Phillips is a little more dynamic.  He has 195 Tackles, 31 Sacks, and 3 INTs.

#18 New Orleans Saints – Kellen Winslow
The Saints go with Pro Bowl TE Kellen Winslow for another weapon in their passing attack.  He has back-to-back 80 reception seasons, including leading all TEs with 89 in 2006, as well as averaged 990 receiving yards the past two seasons. 

#19 Miami Dolphins – Jason Peters
Miami grabs All-Pro Tackle Jason Peters to improve their offensive line. 

#20 Minnesota Vikings – Chris Cooley
Short of weapons in the passing game, Minnesota turns to All-Pro TE Chris Cooley.  He has three straight 700+ yard seasons and 231 catches for 2608 Yards and 27 TDs. 

#21 New England Patriots – DeAngelo Hall
Hall is very talented and a pain in the butt.  The Patriots have enough veterans to keep him in line.  Plus, when he’s winning, he won’t have as much reason to grumble.  The two-time Pro Bowler has 203 Tackles and 17 INTs already.

#22 Buffalo Bills – D.J. Williams
The Bills bolster their LB corps with D.J. Williams, who has 388 Tackles in four years.  He’s coming off a 141 Tackle season.

#23 Seattle Seahawks – Darnell Dockett
The Seahawks correct their mistake of drafting DT Marcus Tubbs by selecting Pro Bowl DT Darnell Dockett.  He has 180 Tackles and 15 Sacks.  He had 9 Sacks last year to earn the Pro Bowl nod.

#24 St. Louis Rams – Julius Jones
With Steven Jackson long off the board, the Rams turn to Julius Jones to compliment Marshall Faulk.  He had 800+ rushing yards in his first three years in the league, and a total of 3484 with 18 TDs.  He’s also added 672 receiving yards.

#25 Green Bay Packers – Nathan Vasher
Pro Bowl CB Vasher represents and upgrade over Ahmad Carroll for the Packers.   He has 130 Tackles and 17 INTs.

#26 Cincinnati Bengals – Gibril Wilson
The Bengals turn to Safety Gibril Wilson, who has 365 Tackles, 6 Sacks, and 11 INTs.  He’s has averaged over 100 Tackles the past three years.

#27 Houston Texans – Matt Schaub
The Texans grab Matt Schaub since he’s their starting QB now.  He passed for 2241 Yards and 9 TDs in his first year starting, but was derailed by injuries.  He did have a Passer Rating of 87.2 and a 66.4% completion rate.

#28 Carolina Panthers – Chris Gamble
The Panthers stick with their selection of CB Chris Gamble.  He has 264 Tackles and 17 INTs.

#29 Atlanta Falcons – Dunta Robinson
Since they didn’t get DeAngelo Hall, the Falcons instead turn to Dunta Robinson, who had 80+ Tackles his first three years in the league.  He has 294 Tackles and 11 INTs. 

#30 Detroit Lions – Jerricho Cotchery
It wouldn’t be the Lions if they didn’t take a WR in the first round.  Cotchery has back-to-back 82 reception seasons and 2091 Yards over that two year span.  Considering Roy Williams has 2146 Yards, this isn’t that big of a downgrade.

#31 San Francisco 49ers – Stuart Schweigert
The 49ers bolster their secondary by adding Safety Schweigert.  He has 316 Tackles and 4 INTs. 

#32 New England Patriots – Madieu Williams
The Patriots make a second quality addition to their secondary with Safety Madieu Williams.  He has 290 Tackles, 4 Sacks, and 9 INTs.

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