NBA Free Agency

1 July 2008

Baron Davis pulled a surprising move yesterday opting out of his contract.  I’m not sure how you walk away from a $17.8 million payday.  He must be concerned that his body may not hold up next year so he’s looking for the multi-year deal sooner rather than later.  Talks stalled with Golden State so this could just be a ploy to let them know he means business.  Bottom line is Baron Davis isn’t getting any younger and his propensity to get injured would leave me a little concerned if I were a GM or a fan of a city he was visiting. 

Another player that concerns me is Gilbert Arenas.  He’s still young (26), but has had some injury issues lately.  Not to mention being a Point Guard that prefers to shoot.  He is a little odd, in a good way, which gains him some points with me, but I just don’t get the feeling that he’s the type of player to build a team around.  Not if you’re expecting to make a serious run at a title.

A player I’m not concerned about is Elton Brand.  Sure, he’s coming off an injury, but it was more a freak injury than a problematic one.  Despite being undersized Elton has been a Double-Double machine, averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds for his career.  He’s never been a problem on or off the court, and seems like a great teammate.  Most importantly, he wants to win.  It’s been said that he was inspired by the way the Celtics’ superstars put their egos in check for the betterment of the team.  Anyone who is on board with that gets praise in my book.

Some other important free agents (despite not being such big names or hefty salaires) are:
Boston’s Eddie House and James Posey -  These two were key members in the title run.
Chicago’s Chris Duhon – Easily could be the guy who signs the head scratching contract by a team that needs a PG.
Corey Maggette – It would be hard to imagine the Clippers either keeping both Maggette and Brand or losing both.  Of course, if they make a play for Baron Davis, Maggette is as good as gone.
Sebastian Telfair – Not really, but it’s funny this is the second straight year that Kevin McHale brought in a PG in a trade that hasn’t worked out.  Think he wishes he kept Chauncey Billups?

Guys who have reached deals:
Beno Udrich is staying in Sacramento.
Jose Calderon is staying in Toronto.

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