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Week 9 Byes: Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis, Minnesota, New York Jets

Brett Favre is the only QB that could leave teams in a bind, though if you have him, you should have a another solid QB. Mark Sanchez has been good at times, but you probably aren’t going to miss him much.

Solid Alternatives:
David Garrard—Garrard plays much better at home, which is where he takes on Kansas City this week. He’s averaging 313.3 yards per game at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium with 5 TDs and 3 INTs in 3 games with an additional 32 yards per game on the ground.
Matt Hasselbeck—He’s been hit or miss this year, but he should be on this week as he takes on Detroit.

Desperation Time:
Alex Smith—He takes on Tennessee this week so if you’re really hurting, he’s worth a shot.
Matt Cassel—The Chiefs are a mess, but Cassel makes a decent play against Jacksonville.
Kyle Orton—I don’t love his matchup (Pittsburgh), but he’s been solid this year and worth using in a pinch.

Running Backs
Adrian Peterson, Steven Jackson, Thomas Jones, and Marshawn Lynch leave the biggest holes in fantasy lineups. Shonn Greene, Fred Jackson, Jamal Lewis, Justin Fargas, Michael Bush, and Chester Taylor could leave some teams scrambling for their flex spot.

High-end Alternatives:
Ryan Grant—Grant should absolutely rip the Buccaneers this week.
Pierre Thomas—Thomas has come back to Earth, but makes a nice play against Carolina this week.

Solid Alternatives:
Joseph Addai—Houston has defended the run better of late, but the way the Colts are moving the chains, Addai could be in for a productive day.
Brandon Jacobs—Jacobs goes up against San Diego this week, who has struggled mightily with the run.

Desperation Time:
Mike Bell—I can see New Orleans getting up big and using Bell and PT to finish the Panthers off. Bell makes a decent Flex play.
Ahmad Bradshaw—Bradshaw should get his usual share of touches against SD, which makes him a nice flex play.
Julius Jones—I’m not a fan of his, but he plays Detroit this week so he could have some fantasy relevance again.
Laurence Maroney—Patriot RBs scare me, but Maroney has had a couple of solid games in a row. He would have been a tier higher if he did more against Tampa Bay in London.
Tim Hightower/Beanie Wells—The Bears ain’t what they used to be. Arizona is in love with the pass, but these backs could fill in if need be.

Wide Receivers
Sidney Rice, Lee Evans, T.O., Mohamed Massaquoi, Donnie Avery, Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, Braylon Edwards, and Jerricho Cotchery could leave teams in a bind at WR.

Solid Alternatives:
Nate Burleson/T.J. Houshmandzadeh—You know the drill. Play all of your Seahawks this week against Detroit.
Michael Crabtree—Juicy matchup with Tennessee.
Devin Hester—He’s really starting to get the feel for the WR position.

Desperation Time:
Hakeem Nicks
—Nicks just seems to make big plays every week.
Torry Holt
—Quietly playing better of late.
Andre Caldwell/Laveranues Coles/Chris Henry—At least one of these WRs should have a nice week. Picking the right one is the key. I’ll lean towards Caldwell.
Steve Breaston—Should have a productive game against Chicago.
Antonio Bryant—He’s starting to play better, though Green Bay presents a tough challenge.

Tight Ends
Visanthe Shiancoe, Zach Miller, and Dustin Keller are the only TEs to be concerned with replacing.

High-end Alternatives:
John Carlson—He’s playing Detroit so feel free to use Carlson again.

Solid Alternatives:
Jeremy Shockey—He faces Carolina, who has been tough against the pass, but Brees and the Saints can score on anybody.
Todd Heap—Heap faces Cincy, which has been tough, and the Ravens will need to get him involved to stay with the Bengals.

Desperation Time:
Tony Scheffler—He’s been coming on, but faces a tough test against the Steelers.
Donald Lee—Very Hit or Miss, but faces Tampa Bay.
Marcedes Lewis—Ditto, only Kansas City instead.
Kevin Boss—Faces SD, who has a weakness towards TEs.
Fred Davis—After his performance on MNF in replacing Cooley, I considered putting in a higher tier, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke before endorsing him fully.

Week 8 Byes: Cincinnati, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington

Tom Brady, Big Ben, and Carson Palmer are high-end starters that will need to be replaced.  Matt Cassel and Jason Campbell have had their moments, but shouldn’t give you too many fits replacing.

High-end Alternatives:
Brett Favre – Favre Bowl Part II.  In Lambeau.

Solid Alternatives
Kyle Orton – The neckbeard comes out of his bye against a Baltimore pass D that’s struggled.
David Garrard – He’s hard to trust, but a cushy matchup against Tennessee is attractive.
Joe Flacco – Denver has been so toug, but Flacco isn’t a bad play at home this week.
Matt Hasselbeck – He’s been very inconsistent, which makes him risky against Dallas.

Desperation Time
Jake Delhomme – If he can tell who to throw to, Arizona does have a weak pass D.
Mark Sanchez – Takes on the Fins again.
Chad Henne – Looked good last time, but Rex Ryan will make adjustments.

Running Backs
Cedric Benson, Clinton Portis, and Rashard Mendenhall are the top RBs on bye.  Larry Johnson, Laurence Maroney, and Cadillac Williams should be easier to replace.

Solid Alternatives:
Thomas Jones – Miami’s tough run D could limit him.
Marshawn Lynch – Lynch is the feature back now, but faces a Houston run D that’s coming on.
Joseph Addai – San Francisco is solid, but Indy offense is humming.
Tim Hightower – Carolina’s D isn’t what it used to be.

Desperation Time:
Tashard Choice – Makes a nice flex play against Seattle.
Darren Sproles – LT has been playing more, but Sproles should get his against Oakland.
Ahmad Bradshaw – Philly presents a tougher test.
Jonathan Stewart – Faces tough Arizona run D.
Shonn Greene – Looked great this week.  Can he do it again?
Beanie Wells – Ran hard.  Will he continue to establish himself?

Wide Receivers
Chad Ochocinco, Dwayne Bowe, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Bryant, and Santana Moss will leave fantasy owners high and dry.

High-end Alternatives:
Steve Smith (CAR) – Yes, he’s fallen that far.  He makes a nice play against Arizona though.
Mike Sims-Walker – He toasted the Titans last time for 2 TDs.  Every week the #1 has toasted Tennessee.
Sidney Rice – Favre’s new favorite target will be called upon against his old mates.
Miles Austin – Miles showed he’s no fluke.

Solid Alternatives:
Austin Collie – Will Anthony Gonzalez return this week?  If not, use Collie.
Braylon Edwards – Played well in last meeting with Dolphins.
Johnny Knox – Makes a nice play against Cleveland.
Torry Holt – Even the old fella should be able to produce against Tennessee.
Donnie Avery – Hip could be an issue, but faces Detroit.
Lee Evans – I hate endorsing Buffalo players, but has nice matchup against Houston.

Desperation Time:
Muhsin Muhammad – Moose could get loose against Arizona.
Eddie Royal – Wasn’t used much in passing game last week, but has the skills.  Plus, Baltimore’s passing D has taken a hit.

Tight Ends
Heath Miller, Kellen Winslow, Jr., and Chris Cooley will be tough to replace.  Benjamin Watson and Sean Ryan have had their moments, but neither will leave you scrambling for a replacement.

High-end Alternatives:
Zach Miller – Up and down because of QB play, but should be solid against a SD team that struggles against TEs.  He played well in Week 1 against them.

Solid Alternatives:
Todd Heap – He’s been very active in Baltimore’s passing game, and will need to be big as they take on the Broncos.
Marcedes Lewis – Tennessee is really struggling to stop anybody.

Desperation Time:
Brandon Pettigrew – Can the Rookie exploit St. Louis?

Week 7 Byes: Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Seattle, Tennessee

Matt Hasselbeck, Kyle Orton, and Joe Flacco are the biggest concerns to replace, but it shouldn’t put you in too much of a bind.

High-end Alternatives:
Jay Cutler & Carson Palmer -  Borderline starters that square off against each other.  Unless you have a stud QB, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that you roll with either of these guys.  If I had to give someone the edge I’d go with Palmer, who is at home.

Solid Alternatives:
Matt Cassel – Faces San Diego at home.  Will likely get down early and have to pass a lot.
Shaun Hill – He hasn’t had to do too much yet, but will likely need to throw a bit more to keep up with Houston.  Having Frank Gore back should help.
Brett Favre – Favre has played outstanding, but Pittsburgh is tough.
Chad Henne – Looked great on MNF.  Will have to be on his game to keep up with New Orleans.
Mark Sanchez – Faces Oakland, which should be heavy on the run, but is building a rapport with Braylon Edwards.

Desperation Time:
Josh Johnson – Belichick has a way of mixing up young QBs.  Be very careful using Johnson.
Jason Campbell – I don’t love him against Philly, but odds are he’ll have to throw a lot as Philly rolls.
Derek Anderson – You aren’t using DA are you?  Do you want to lose?
Jake Delhomme – Will he complete more to Steve Smith or Buffalo defenders?  Though, he is better than some of the options this week.
Mark Bulger – Indy gets up big.  Bulger is forced to pass.  Indy knows it and brings the heat.  It doesn’t end well.
JaMarcus Russell – You’re almost better off using Julian Edelman and hoping he catches a TD pass from Tom Brady.

Running Backs
Ray Rice, Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno, Kevin Smith, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Chris Johnson will leave you short at RB this week.

High-end Alternatives:
Joseph Addai – Should put up good numbers against St. Louis.
Thomas Jones – Shockingly flew under the radar again this year.  He’ll destroy Oakland.

Solid Alternatives:
Donald Brown – They’ll be plenty for Brown too against the Rams.
Jonathan Stewart – Buffalo has gone in the tubes.  J-Stew should finish them off.
Ricky Williams – Two-headed RB attack with Ronnie Brown is devastating.  They have that Wildcat rolling.  There’s enough for both backs.
Marshawn Lynch – Rounding into shape.
Ahmad Bradshaw – Arizona is tough against the run, but the G-Men’s line is nastier.
Rashard Mendenhall – Minnesota presents his first challenge.
Tim Hightower – Should catch plenty of passes as Warner checks down to avoid the Giants pass rush.
Leon Washington – Will make a dazzling play and then Al Davis will want him.
Laurence Maroney – Welcome back to fantasy rosters Mr. Maroney.  Should put up decent numbers against Tampa Bay.

Desperation Time:
Jamal Lewis – The Browns are setting back the game of football.
Larry Johnson – LJ was decent last week.  Can he pull it off again?
Reggie Bush – It’s sad he’s fallen this far off.
LeSean McCoy – Hard to get cleanup duty against divisional foes, but you never know.
Justin Fargas – He should start if you need a warm body.

Wide Receivers
Derrick Mason, Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnon, Mike Sims-Walker, Nate Burleson, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are the toughest bye week losses this week.

Solid Alternatives:
Austin Collie/Pierre Garcon – Depends on Anthony Gonzalez’s availability, but if he can’t go they are both solid options against the Rams.  If he can go, bump them down a bit.  I rank Collie higher than Garcon.
Miles Austin – Roy Williams will probably play, but Austin showed he can be relied on for the big play in what should be a shootout against Atlanta.
Braylon Edwards – Sanchez likes his new toy.  This week he’ll see plenty of Nnamdi Asomugha though.
Percy Harvin/Bernard Berrian/Sidney Rice – Farve is going to make some plays.  All are capable of making plays.  Rice’s size makes him my favorite of the three.
Steve Breaston – The Giants are going to bring the heat, but Arizona is going to have to throw early and often to put up a fight.
Antonio Bryant – Josh Johnson is smart enough to know to get him the ball.

Desperation Time:
Santana Moss  – I don’t like him against Philly this week.
Hakeem Nicks/Mario Manningham – Steve Smith is the constant in the Giants offense.  Either of these guys are capable, it’s just a matter of how many looks they get.  Nicks has been better of late.
Jeremy Maclin – Capable of the big play.  McNabb spreads it around though so starting him is a risk.
Terrell Owens – It’s hard to count on T.O. anymore.
Mike Wallace – Minnesota is tough, but Pittsburgh is going to have to throw to move the chains.  Wallace could be a sneaky play.
Lee Evans – Came to life last week.  Does he have more in  him?
Ted Ginn, Jr. – Very inconsistent.
Mohamed Massaquoi – Up, down, up.  Hopefully the trend doesn’t continue.

Tight Ends
Todd Heap, Tony Scheffler, Brandon Pettigrew, Marcedes Lewis, John Carlson, and Bo Scaife are the Tight Ends you’ll need to replace.

High-end Alternatives:
Heath Miller – He’s quietly been one of the best TEs this year.  MN has allowed plays to TEs.
Vernon Davis – He’s had a solid year.  They’ll need him against Houston.
Brent Celek – He’s been a must-starter.

Solid Alternatives:
Visanthe Shiancoe – Favre could choose to use his big target against the Steelers.
Jeremy Shockey – Solid, not spectacular.  New Orleans is rolling.
Sean Ryan – San Diego has struggle with TEs.  Ryan has been surprisingly adequate.
Dustin Keller – Must miss Brett Favre.  Should produce against the Jets.

Desperation Time:
Benjamin Watson – Mr. All or Nothing takes on Tampa.
Jermichael Finley – Same as above, but Cleveland.
Zach Miller – Hard to count on a Raider, especially against the Jets who are going to blitz heavily.
Anthony Fasono – Finally had a good game.  Can he repeat?

Week 6 Byes: Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco

Obviously Peyton Manning is far and away the most critical QB (and player) to be replaced this week.  Tony Romo also presents a challenge.

High-end Alternatives:
David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars – Facing St. Louis makes Garrard an attractive bye week play. I like him because he seldom makes mistakes and usually gets sneaky points with his feet.

Carson Palmer, Cincinnati Bengals – I know he’s a starter for some teams, but if he’s your backup, it’s a good time to use him in what should be a shootout against Houston.

Solid Alternatives:
Jason Campbell, Washington Redskins – Campbell is quietly putting up a solid fantasy season for the Skins. He should be a nice play against the lowly Chiefs.

Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos – With Marshall buying into the system, Orton is becoming a more reliable fantasy play. San Diego is banged up on D, which makes Orton a possible bye week replacement.

Desperation Time:
Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers – He still scares me, but he should have a productive day against Tampa Bay.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets – Playing at home against the Bills makes him a decent play if your starter is out.

Running Backs
Ronnie Brown and Marion Barber will be the toughest to replace, but Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Ricky Williams have played well.  Glen Coffee and Tashard Choice have been nice plug-in players, but are replaceable.

High-end Alternatives:
Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers – With Cleveland coming to town, keep on rolling with Mendenhall.

Cedric Benson, Cincinnati Bengals – He rolled on Baltimore and has become an every week starter now.  He should torch Houston.

Solid Alternatives:
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers – Coming off a bye week it’s time to take a leap of faith with LT against Denver.

Desperation Time:
Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants – The G-Men will try to use their ground game to keep Drew Brees off the field.

Tim Hightower/Beanie Wells, Arizona Cardinals – Playing Seattle this week could mean both RBs are worth playing.

Wide Receivers
Reggie Wayne is the only elite WR on bye this week.  Everyone else can be replaced.

High-end Alternatives:
Mike Sims-Walker, Jacksonville Jaguars – You have to monitor his situation, but if he plays, he should torch the smelly Rams.

Santana Moss, Washington Redskins – Mr. Inconsistent should be solid against the Chiefs.

Solid Alternatives:
Percy Harvin, Minnesota Vikings – His speed and toughness could make him the top weapon in the passing game this week as they take on Baltimore.

Steve Breaston, Arizona Cardinals – Should have a solid game against the Seahawks.

Tight Ends
While there is only one stud WR to account for, there are two TEs out this week.  Dallas Clark and Jason Witten’s abscence will leave huge chunks in your fantasy projections.  Vernon Davis has been coming along for SF and may have to be replaced.

High-end Alternatives:
Todd Heap, Baltimore Ravens – As long as he’s not asked to stay in and block too much, he should get plenty of targets as a hot read.

Jeremy Shockey, New Orleans Saints – Playing against his old team, I’m sure he circled this game when the schedule came out.

Solid Alternatives:
Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville Jaguars – He should turn in a productive day against St. Louis.

Desperation Time:
Kevin Boss, New York Giants – He’s got something to prove as well when he takes on Shockey.  Monitor his injury status though.

Your turn.  Who do you see as a good bye week replacement?

Week 5 Byes: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Diego

Tons of talent will be resting this week at the QB position.  Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and Jay Cutler.  Hopefully, you’re matched up with someone in the same boat as you.

Solid Alternatives:
Brett Favre – The Old Man gets to face St. Louis.  AP will get his, but Favre could throw a couple of TDs before he rests on the sidelines.
Jason Campbell – Carolina has been terrible.  They are coming off a bye, which should help, but Campbell should still be able to move the chains.
Trent Edwards – If he can’t do it against Cleveland, when can he?

Running Backs
Some good RBs will be sitting as well.  Matt Forte, Ryan Grant, LT, Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, and Reggie Bush.

High-end Alternatives:
Willis McGahee/Ray Rice – They both are nice starters this week against Cincinnati.
Rashard Mendenhall – He dominated San Diego.  He should be able to run at will against Detroit.  If Willie Parker can go, he slides down to a solid alternative.

Solid Alternatives:
Marshawn Lynch/Fred Jackson – They both could be used against Cleveland.
Larry Johnson – Not my favorite option, but at least he’s at home against Dallas.
Ahmad Bradshaw – When the G-Men get up big on Oakland, Bradshaw will take over.
LeSean McCoy – Westy has a week to rest, but McCoy will get work against Tampa Bay, especially when they get up big.
Knowshon Moren – I think it’s going to be heavy on the run when McDaniels faces his mentor Bill Belichick.
Leon Washington – I see him doing something electric against Miami on MNF.

Desperation Time:
Glen Coffee – A little tougher matchup against Atlanta, but he should get plenty of work.
Julius Jones – Not the biggest fan, but he could have a decent day against Jacksonville at home.

Wide Receivers
With good QBs out, it’s natural to have good WRs out.  Marques Colston, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and Vincent Jackson leave the biggest holes in fantasy lineups.  Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, Devin Hester, Earl Bennet, and Johnny Knox have found their way into lineups and need to be accounted for as well.

High-end Alternatives:
Braylon Edwards Now that he’s back with DA, he should be nice play against Buffalo.
Patrick Crayton – Romo gets a bit of a breather against Kansas City.  Crayton should benefit.
Bernard Berrian/Percy Harvin – Should get theirs against the Rams.
Kevin Walter/Steve Breaston – Arizona/Houston should be a shootout.  Both could go off.

Solid Alternatives:
Santana Moss – It’s hard to predict what Moss will do, but it looks like a good time to use him against Carolina.
Derrick Mason – Should be able to pick his spots against Cincy.
Nate Burleson – Should get plenty of looks against Jacksonville.
Lee Evans/T.O. – It’s sad they’ve fallen this low, but they aren’t must starters now.  They should get loose on Cleveland though.

Desperation Time:
Jeremy Maclin – Will McNabb, assuming he plays, get the Rookie some work against TB?

Tight Ends
Antonio Gates, Jeremy Shockey, and Greg Olsen will need to be replaced.

High-end Alternatives:
Visanthe Shiancoe -  St. Louis should have a hard time containing him.
Heath Miller – No reason he doesn’t smoke Detroit.Z
Todd Heap – Should continue he resurgence against Cincy.

Solid Alternatives:
Kevin Boss – Nice matchup against Oakland.
Marcedes Lewis – Not a bad play against Seattle.

Desperation Time:
Dante Rosario – Mediocre play against Washington.

Week 4 Byes:  Atlanta, Arizona, Carolina, Philadelphia

Matt Ryan and Kurt Warner are most difficult to replace.  McNabb is also on bye, but you’ve already had to deal with that.  Jake Delhomme won’t leave fantasy teams scrambling.

High-end Alternatives:
Jay Cutler – Possibly your starter, but if he’s not you’ll want to play him against Detroit
Carson Palmer -  Same boat, only against Cleveland

Solid Alternatives:
Mark Sanchez – Rookie will have to air it out to keep up with New Orleans.
Trent Edwards – Matchup isn’t great against Miami, but a decent option.
Brett Favre – Green Bay comes to town.  Enough said.
Shaun Hill – Hill has the luxury of facing St. Louis.
Kyle Orton – Orton will have to throw to hang with Dallas.
Joe Flacco – Flacco will have to make some plays against New England.
Jason Campbell – Tampa’s D is pretty bad.  Could have another decent one.

Running Backs
Michael Turner, Brian Westbrook, and DeAngelo Williams present the biggest challenge to replace. Jonathan Stewart, Beanie Wells, and Tim Hightower are flex guys or RBs that you’d like to use in bye weeks.  LeSean McCoy and Jerious Norwood likely aren’t being counted on, but worth mentioning.

High-end Alternatives:
Cedric Benson – Benson makes a strong play against Cleveland.

Solid Alternatives:
Jamal Lewis – Lewis should be able to produce against Cincinnati if healthy.
Julius Jones – Jones should find room to run against Indy.
Willis McGahee – New England is not the Defense it once was.
LenDale White – Perhaps LenDale can get going against Jacksonville.
Marshawn Lynch/Fred Jackson – We get to see how this situation plays out.
Knowshon Moreno/Correll Buckhalter – Both could be counted on against Dallas.
Leon Washington – The Jets will need their playmakers against New Orleans.
Felix Jones – Too explosive to stay on the sidelines.
Glen Coffee – With Gore out, Coffee should be brewing against St. Louis.

Desperation Time:
Donald Brown – Could get his opportunity against Seattle.
Ahmad Bradshaw – If the Giants bury Kansas City, he could close it out.
Chester Taylor – You can hope Favre hits him on a screen he takes to the house.

Wide Receivers
Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Roddy White, Steve Smith, and DeSean Jackson present the biggest challenge.  Steve Breaston and Muhsin Muhammad are depth guys that limit your alternatives.

High-end Alternatives:
Steve Smith/Mario Manningham – Could already be your starters, but should have nice game against Kansas City.
Patrick Crayton – Not a bad play against Denver.
Bernard Berrian – Favre may go to the deep pass more often after his heroic victory.

Solid Alternatives:
Ted Ginn, Jr. – Depending on which Ginn shows up.
Johnny Knox/Devin Hester – They play Detroit so either could have a nice game.
Chris Henry/Laveranues Coles/Andre Caldwell – Same deal against Cleveland.
Nate Burleson – Seattle will have to throw to stay with Indy.

Desperation Time
Mark Clayton/Kelley Washington  – Gotta pick the right one.
Devery Henderson/Robert Meachem – Inconsistent big play threats vs. the Jets.
Earl Bennett – If Hester or Knox don’t do it against Detroit, Bennett could.

Tight Ends
Tony Gonzalez is the only major TE on bye. Brent Celek has been solid, but you should have another TE handy.  Arizona and Carolina TEs don’t much matter.

High-end Alternatives:
Heath Miller – San Diego struggles containing Tight Ends.
Todd Heap – Playing well for Baltimore.
Vernon Davis – St. Louis should have a hard time covering him.

Solid Alternatives:
Benjamin Watson – With Brady, there’s always a chance he scores.
Marcdedes Lewis – Faces Tennesse which isn’t great, but he gets looks.
Kevin Boss – Not a bad alternative against KC.

Desperation Time:
There should be enough decent options that you don’t have to take too big of a gamble.

This is the last bye week.  Cincinnati, Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Washington get the week off.  You’ll be without some key contributors.  Let’s take a look at some attractive alternatives.

The ony QB that will really be missed is Jason Campbell.  He has put together a real nice season.  Jeff Garcia has been solid.  He’s possibly been called into action if you had Brady, Palmer, or Romo.  Dallas and Cincy are working with scraps with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brad Johnson.  Hopefully you weren’t counting on them.  David Garrard goes up against Detroit. Brett Favre faces St. Louis.  Matt Ryan plays the Saints.  Chad Pennington draws the Seahawks.

Running Back
Clinton Portis and Marion Barber will put team’s in a bind.  Sorry, but they can’t be replaced.  You’ll just have to hope for the best.  Earnest Graham is having a decent year, but he will be easier to replace.  Warrick Dunn and Cedric Benson have been decent of late.  If you’re counting on them, my sympathies.  Oh yeah, you’ll need to plug somebody else in.  Willie Parker or Mewelde Moore face Indy.  Thomas Jones faces St. Louis.  Jamal Lewis goes against Denver.  DeAngleo Williams and Jonathan Stewart face Oakland, and Fred Taylor could have a nice game against Detroit.  

Wide Receiver
Terrell Owens, Housh, Chad Ocho Cinco.  These guys need to be replaced, but the one who will be missed the most is Santana Moss.  Antonio Bryant, Joey Galloway, Roy Williams (bet you didn’t expect two byes for him), and Antwaan Randle El will be missing in action as well.  Donald Driver usually does well against Minnesota.  Derrick Mason makes a nice play against Houston.  Michael Jenkins could produce vs. New Orleans.  Eddie Royal faces Cleveland.  I like Lance Moore against Atlanta.

Tight End
You’ll have to deal with Jason Witten and Chris Cooley being out.  That won’t be fun.  Tampa’s Alex Smith and Jerramy Stevens may have found their way into some lineups.  The Bungles don’t really have a TE that matters.  I like Marcedes Lewis vs. Detroit.  Donald Lee could have success vs. Minnesota.  I also like Anthony Fasano vs. Seattle and John Carlson vs. Miami in a head-to-head battle.

With Carolina, New Orleans, San Diego, and San Francisco on bye next week there are several outstanding players not available to your fantasy teams.  Let take a look at some attractive alternatives.

Drew Brees and Philip Rivers will leave teams hurting this weekend.  If you’re fortunate enough to face their owners, good for you.  Some teams may be relying on Jake Delhomme, although he’ll be more easily replaced.  I don’t think many are utilizing J.T. O’Sullivan anymore unless you’re in a Salary Cap or two-QB league.  Kyle Orton should produce vs. Detroit making me further eat crow for mocking him before.  Denver is bad so Chad Pennington could be a decent play.  Jeff Garcia plays Kansas City, who everybody knows is garbage.

Running Back
Frank Gore and LT (notice who’s name came first) will also leave teams hurting.  DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart take away your depth.  Deuce McAllister and Pierre Thomas probably won’t be missed much.  Earnest Graham and possibly Warrick Dunn could be used vs. KC.  You can dust the Edge off and play him vs. St. Louis.  Tim Hightower is the better play though.  Ricky Williams is a possibility vs. Denver if he doesn’t get baked in Mile High City on Saturday.

Wide Receiver
Steve Smith, Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Lance Moore, Isaac Bruce, Chris Chambers, and Vincent Jackson will have to be replaced in fantasy lineups.  Eddie Royal should produce against Miami.  Kevin Walter is a decent play against Minnesota.  Derrick Mason should have a nice game against Cleveland.

Tight End
Antonio Gates and Jeremy Shockey will be missed the most.  You may have to find an alternative for Vernon Davis, Billy Miller, and Dante Rosario.

With Chicago, Denver, Green Bay, and Minnesota on bye next week there are several outstanding players not available to your fantasy teams.  Let take a look at some attractive alternatives.

Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers will be missed the most. Kyle Orton and Gus Frerotte will be missed in 2 QB,  Salary Cap leagues, or possibly if your drafted Brady, Kitna, or Bulger.  Trent Edwards has a nice matchup against Miami’s poor pass D.  Joe Flacco could even be rolled out there if you were really hurting as he faces Oakland. 

Running Back
Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, and Ryan Grant will be missed the most.  Michael Pittman, Selvin Young, and Chester Taylor may also need to be replaced.  Thomas Jones makes a strong play against Kansas City.  Chris Johnson and LenDale White are attractive options vs. Indy.  Kevin Faulk is a desperatation play vs. STL.

Wide Receiver
Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, and Bernard Berrian will be missed the most.  Donald Driver, Rashied Davis, and Devin Hester may also need to be replaced if they were your fill-ins.  Chad Ocho Cinco could finally do something vs. Houston.  Vincent Jackson should produce vs. New Orleans.

Tight End
You’ll have to find an alternative for Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark, Tony Scheffler, Visanthe Shiancoe, and Donald Lee.  Billy Miller could produce for New Orleans against the Chargers and Jerramy Stevens could produce vs. Dallas.

With Cleveland, the New York Jets, Oakland, and St. Louis on bye next week there are several outstanding players not available to your fantasy teams.  Let take a look at some attractive alternatives.

The only one you may be missing is Favre, especially following his 6 TD explosion.  If you have been relying on Derek Anderson, you probably already have found a new solution.  If you are relying on Bulger/Trent Green or Jamarcus Russell, you need more help than I can provide.  For argument’s sake we’ll say Favre is your #1.  You can possibly use Kyle Orton since he plays Detroit.  He’s probably the only option available with a decent matchup.

Running Back
Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones, Run DMC, Michael Bush, and Steven Jackson are on bye.  Aside from Jackson, you most likely aren’t losing your feature back.  To pick up the slack you can use Matt Forte against Detroit, Ryan Grant vs. Atlanta (it’s gotten that bad for Grant), Jonathan Stewart vs. Kansas City, or Steve Slaton vs. Indy.  If you have bigger troubles you could possibly use Darren Sproles (vs. Miami) or Felix Jones (vs. Cincy) in hopes that their teams will have such big leads that they will turn to their backups to pile on cheap fantasy points.

Wide Receiver
You need to replace Braylon Edwards, Torry Holt, Laveranues Coles, and Jerricho Cotchery.  Bobby Engram is supposed to make his return.  If he is a go, he could be used vs. a mediocre Giants pass defense.  In Dallas, Miles Austin is getting more involved in the Offense.  Either he or Patrick Crayton could be used vs. Cincy.

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