Last Week’s Results:  10-6  (GB, JAX, TEN, PHI,DEN,  INDY) let him down)
Season Results:  108-68 (.614)
My six-year old son wants to see how he does over the course of the season picking the NFL winners. Here are his Week 13 picks. Click here to see my picks.
Philadelphia over Houston
New Orleans over Cincinnati
Chicago over Detroit
Green Bay over San Francisco
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Denver over Kansas City
Miami over Cleveland
Minnesota over Buffalo
New York Giants over Washington
San Diego over Oakland
Indianapolis over Dallas
Arizona over St. Louis
Carolina over Seattle
Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh over Baltimore
New England over New York Jets

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2010 NFL Picks – Week 13

2 December 2010


Week 12 Results:  10-6   (GB, OAK, PHI, DEN, INDY, ARI let me down)
Week 12 Lock Picks
:  2-0

Previous Lock to Win Picks:  SF (L), GB (W),  NE (W), NO (W), ATL (W), PIT (W), BAL (W), KC (W), MIN (W), NYG (L), TEN (L), NYJ (W)
Previous Lock to Lose Picks:  DET (W), ARI (W), CLE (W), JAX (L), CAR (W), STL (L), CIN (W), HOU (W), DAL (W), CIN (W), SEA (W), BUF (W)

Regular Season Lock Picks:  19-5 (.792)
Regular Season Total:  105-71 (.597)

Week 13 Locks
Lock to Win:  San Diego Chargers
Lock to Lose (can’t be same game as above):  Denver Broncos

Week 13 Picks:
Philadelphia over Houston
New Orleans over Cincinnati
Detroit over Chicago
Green Bay over San Francisco
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Kansas City over Denver (Loser Lock)
Cleveland over Miami
Minnesota over Buffalo
New York Giants over Washington
San Diego over Oakland (Winner Lock)
Indianapolis over Dallas
St. Louis over Arizona
Seattle over Carolina
Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh over Baltimore
New England over New York Jets


These are heads-up picks. We’re doing picks with the spread on Yahoo. If you want to get in on the action, leave me a message in the comment section with your e-mail or send one to me at contact@lesterslegends.com.


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Before we get started, check out my Week 13 NFL picks.

Time for another edition of Fantasy Football Out on a Limb. I scour the rosters to select a player who I feel will outperform a higher profile player in that given week. I base my decisions on matchups, how the players are trending, and the ever-important hunch. To mix things up I’ll occasionally do some two on one matchups or even pit RB or WR duos against each other. Sometimes I’ll spot a player some points.

6 points for rushing or receiving TD
4 points for a passing TD
0.1 points per yard for rushing or receiving
0.05 points per passing yard.

Last Week

Aaron Rodgers over Drew Brees +1 and Tom Brady +1
Rodgers 29.9
Brees Loser 39.45 (38.45 actual)
Winner 13.05 (12.05 actual)
Ricky Williams over Chris Johnson: Loser Ricky 17.5, CJ 24.6
Jason Snelling over Joseph Addai: Loser Snelling 3.3, Addai 8.2
Nate Burleson over Mike Sims-Walker: Tie Nate 4.6, Sims-Walker 4.6
Michael Crabtree over Steve Smith (CAR): Winner Crab 5.4, Smith 0.5
SS: Kyle Boller over Jason Campbell: Loser Boller20.7, Campbell 25.75

Regular Picks: 2-3-1
Super Stretch Picks:  0-1
Overall: 2-4-1

Season Record
Regular Picks: 27-30-1
Super Stretch Picks:  4-10
Overall: 31-40-1

Week 13 Picks

Philip Rivers Drew Brees profile
Philip Rivers over Drew Brees
Brees is coming off a monster win against the Patriots in which he lit them up like a Christmas tree. He’s due for a bit of a letdown as he takes on Washington on the road. The Skins have actually been solid against the pass, although they did play some of the worst QBs earlier in the year. Rivers should have an absolute field day against the Brownies.

Running Backs
Matt Forte Ricky Williams
Matt Forte over Ricky Williams
Forte should be able to put up big numbers both on the ground and through the air against the lowly Saints. Meanwhile Ricky has to face New England following an embarrassing loss. They focus on shutting Ricky down as Henne can’t beat them.

Ryan Grant Profile
Jonathan Stewart over Ryan Grant
The Panthers best bet for winning is to pound to ball repeatedly with both J-Stew and D-Will. They should be able to do that with ease against Tampa Bay at home. Meanwhile, Ryan Grant faces Baltimore’s tough run defense.

Wide Receivers
Philadelphia Eagles 2009 Football Headshots
Jeremy Maclin over Larry Fitzgerald
This match-up has concussion written all over it. Maclin should slide into the #1 role for the Eagles with DeSean Jackson likely to miss the game with a concussion. He should torch Atlanta. Meanwhile Fitz will likely have to deal with Matt Leinart again as Kurt Warner recovers from his concussion.

Indianapolis Colts 2009 Football Headshots Chris Chambers profile
Austin Collie over Chris Chambers

The last time the Colts played Tennessee scored a pair of TDs. It’s really pick-your-poison will all the weapons at Peyton Manning’s disposal. The Titans will key in on Wayne, Clark, and Addai, which should allow Collie to make some plays. Chambers has been great since coming over to Kansas City from San Diego. This week he faces Champ Bailey and their tough pass defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2009 Football Headshots Buffalo Bills 2009 Football Headshots
Mike Thomas over Terrell Owens
David Garrard is so much better playing at home. With this week’s game in Jacksonville Thomas has a chance to put up real solid numbers. Meanwhile T.O. will have to lock horns with Darrelle Revis and the Jets. He’s been in the business of shutting down #1 WRs, and this week should be no different.

Matt Forte

Before we get started, check out my Week 13 NFL picks.

Putting the final piece of your fantasy football puzzle together

I’ve uncovered some guys you can plug in if you are dealing with an injury or tough matchups.

David Garrard, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Garrard has a decent match-up this week against Houston’s middle-of-the road passing defense. That’s not what makes him a decent play this weekend. He truly is a different player at home, where the Jags happen to play this week.

Home:  5 games, 283.8 yards per game, 7 TD, 4 INTs
Away:  6 games, 198.5 ypg, 1 TD, 2 INTs

Alex Smith, QB, San Francisco 49ers
Smith has back-to-back multiple TD games for the Niners. With Seattle on deck, who is 25th in passing yards allowed (238.1)and 27th in passing TDs allowed (20), Smith is a good bet to make it three straight.

Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears
I’m sure by now his fantasy owners have lost faith in Cutler, but feel free to trot him out there against the Rams. St. Louis is 22nd against the pass with 225.6 yards per game. Now if Cutler can just remember which team to throw to.

Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo Bills
Jackson was heavily utilized last week by Interim Coach Perry Fewell, and appears to have replaced Marshawn Lynch as the team’s feature back. He faces the Jets’ 13th ranked run defense, which has been more susceptible of late.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Denver Broncos
Knowshon should build upon his Thanksgiving performance we he faces the Chiefs’ 27th ranked run defense (134.5 ypg). Moreno has averaged 88.3 rushing yards the past three weeks.

Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina Panthers
J-Stew should bounce back from a couple of down weeks as he faces Tampa Bay’s 30th ranked run defense (160.4 ypg). The last time the Panthers faced the Bucs, he ran for 110 yards and a score.

Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant, WRs, Philadelphia Eagles
It’s unlike that DeSean Jackson’s concussion will allow him to play this weekend, which elevates both Maclin and Avant’s fantasy values. Aside from the extra looks they should receive, they face Atlanta’s 27th ranked pass defense (252.6 ypg).

Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, WRs, Indianapolis Colts
Peyton continues to spread the ball around, and both of these WRs have to potential to produce against theTitan’s 31st ranked pass defense (266.7). Garcon has been the better play of late, but Collie had a pair of TDs the last time they squared off with Tennessee.

Dante Rosario, TE, Carolina Panthers
Dante has caught four passes in each of his past two games, and is a good sneaky play this week as he faces Tampa Bay.

Rob Bironas, K, Tennessee Titans
Bironas faces the Indianapolis Colts who have allowed two Field Goals a game this season. Bironas has hit 1.6 FGs per game with five straight multiple FG games.

Olinod Mare, K, Seattle Seahawks
Mare faces San Francisco, who is tied for 26th with 20 FGs allowed. Mare has made 19 FGs on the year. They play in Seattle where he averaged 2.2 FGs per game.

Buffalo Defense/Special Teams
The Bills play the Jets at home. The last time they faced Mark Sanchez, he threw five Interceptions. While I don’t expect him to reach that mark, a multiple INT game isn’t out of the question.

Chicago Bears Defense/Special Teams
Da Bears get to stop the bleeding by facing the Rams at home. Multiple Sacks and turnovers should be in order.

Before we get started, check out my Week 13 NFL picks.

I’m going to look at the matchups each week and pick five fantasy starters that could be in for a tough week. Here’s a look at players who could struggle this week.

Kurt Warner, QB, Arizona Cardinals
Warner makes the list again this week, but it’s more a reflection on who he’s facing than anything. I’m confident he’ll be able to play this week, but he could have a hard time finishing the game against Minnesota’s front four. The Vikings lead the league with 40 Sacks, and it’s hard to have faith in a QB coming off a concussion against a defense that brings so much pressure.

I’m also iffy on Ben Roethlisberger coming off his concussion and facing the Raiders, who are tied for fourth with just ten passing TDs allowed.

Ryan Grant, RB, Green Bay Packers
This is not a good week to use Ryan Grant. He faces Baltimore’s 6th ranked rushing defense (97.6 yards/gm). They are also tenth with just seven rushing TDs allowed. Grant plays at home, where he has actually been less productive.

Home:  87.5 total yards per game (72.5 rushing, 15.0 receiving)
Away:  111.0 total yards per games (91.0 rushing, 20.0 receiving)

Brandon Jacobs, RB, New York Giants
Jacobs faces Dallas’ 9th ranked rushing defense (102.7 yards/gm). They allowed just five rushing TDs on the season. In his last four games against Dallas he has scored just one TD with an average of 84 total yards.  Not exactly numbers you can bank on in this crucial juncture of the season.

Terrell Owens, WR, Buffalo Bills
T.O. is on fire, but squares up against Darrelle Revis. The Jets are #2 against the pass with 175.7 yards allowed per game, and tops with just seven passing TDs allowed.  When the Bills faced the Jets in Week 6, T.O. was held to 13 yards on three catches.

Chris Chambers, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
Chambers has been a godsend for the Chiefs, especially with Dwayne Bowe serving his four-game suspension. This week though, he faces Champ Bailey and Denver’s 5th ranked passing defense (185 yards/gm). They are also tied for fourth with ten passing TDs allowed.

NFL Picks – Week 13

1 December 2009

Week 12 Results:   11-5  (NYG,  MIA, CAR, PITT, NE let me down)
Lock Picks:  2-0

Previous Lock to Win Picks:  NO (W), WAS (W), BAL (W), INDY (W), PHI (W), PITT (W), NE (W), SD (W), ATL (W), MINN (W), ARI (W), DAL (W)
Previous Lock to Lose Picks:  OAK (W), CIN (L), STL (W), KC (W), DET (W), TB (W), WAS (W), CAR (L), HOU (W), CLE (W), BUF (W), CHI (W)

Regular Season Lock Picks:  22-2 (.917)
Regular Season Total:  124-52 (.705)

Week 13 NFL Picks:

Lock to Win:  Cincinnati Bengals
Lock to Lose (can’t be same game as Winner Lock):  Arizona Cardinals

Buffalo Bills over New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles over Atlanta Falcons
Chicago  Bears over St. Louis Rams
Cincinnati Bengals over Detroit Lions (Winner Lock)
Indianapolis Colts over Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos over Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots over Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Steelers over Oakland Raiders
New Orleans Saints over Washington Redskins
Carolina Panthers over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Houston Texans over Jacksonville Jaguars
San Diego Chargers over Cleveland Browns
New York Giants over Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings over Arizona Cardinals (Loser Lock)
Green Bay Packers over Baltimore Ravens

These are heads-up picks. We’re doing picks with the spread on Yahoo. If you want to get in on the action, leave me a message in the comment with your e-mail or send one to me at contact@lesterslegends.com.

Fantasy Football Forum

2 December 2008

Fantasy Football Forum

How did Week 13 go for you? 

I’m in six leagues so I’ll recap each one.

KFFL Analysis League (PPR League) - Tony Romo and Larry Fitgerald (me) exchanged early blows in our battle.  Then he went and hit me in the head with DeAngelo Williams’ four TDs.  Game set match.  Oh, Derrick Mason chipped in.
Record:  6-7

Cage Match League (The Legend vs. Awesome) -  I got off to a nice start with Chris Johnson and Fitz.  My opponent got mixed results from Romo & T.O. (good) and Anquan Boldin & Calvin Johnson (not so good).  Thomas Jones was awesome for Awesome.  My trio of Colts (Manning, Addai, and Wayne sucked).  Awesome continued to roll.
Record:  7-6

LEV League - T.O. and Dallas D got me off on the right foot.  My opponent got a decent game from MB3 and a bad one from Hightower.  Ronnie Brown was solid for me.  Reggie Wayne, Gostowski, Michael Jenkins, and Kellen Winslow stunk.  Manning sucked for LEV.  Colston was solid.  Steve Slaton brought it home for me.
Record:  7-6

Fantasy Sports Depot League -  My opponent got nice play from Fitz and John Carlson.  Aaron Rodgers was great for me.  Ronnie Brown and Calvin Johnson were decent.  Big Ben was solid for my opponent. It didn’t look good going into Monday, but Steve Slaton saved me in this one.
Record:  6-7

My Keeper League - I got great performances from Chris Johnson, Rob Bironas, and Fitz.  Breaston was solid. Peyton Manning took a dump.  Thomas Jones was huge.  I faced DeAngelo Williams yet again.  Thomas Jones finished my opponet off.
Record:  5-8

No Kicker League -  Good week to bench Westy.  My opponent got rolling with Romo, MB3, and Witten.  I countered with nice play from Kurt Warner and Fitz.  Derrick Mason and Amani Toomer kept LEV rolling.  Reggie Wayne and Michael Jenkins stunk.  Steve Slaton did his best to save me, but I couldn’t overcome leaving Westy on the bench.
Record:  10-3

Weekly Record: 3-3
Season Record:  41-37

That’s how my weekend of fantasy football went. How did you do?

Tony Romo
- 22 of 34 for 331 yards, 3 TDs, INT
Matt Hasselbeck - 22 of 38 for 287 Yards, INT
Donovan McNabb  27 of 39 for 260 yards, 4 TDs, 4 carries for 24 yards
Kurt Warner - 21 of 39 for 235 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs
Joe Flacco - 19 of 29 for 280 yards, 2 TDs, 3 carries for 15 yards
Drew Brees - 25 of 47 for 296 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs
Eli Manning - 21 of 34 for 305 yards, TD, INT
Aaron Rodgers - 29 of 45 for  298 yards, 3 TDs, INT, 5 carries for 26 yards
Jay Cutler - 27 of 43 for 357 yards, 2 TDs, INT
David Garrard - 25 of 35 for 287 yards, TD, INT

Running Backs
Chris Johnson
- 16 carries for 125 yards, 2 TDs
LenDale White - 23 carries for 106 yards, 2 TDs
Brian Westbrook - 22 carries for 110 yards, 2 TDs, 3 catches for 20 yards, 2 TDs
Marshawn Lynch - 16 carries for 134 yards
Brandon Jacobs - 21 carries for 71 yards, TD
DeAngelo Williams - 21 carries for 72 yards, 4 TDs, 3 catches for 14 yards
Michael Turner - 31 carries for 130 yards
LT - 14 carries for 24 yards, TD, 5 catches for 42 yards
Peyton Hillis - 22 carries for 129 yards, TD
Thomas Jones - 16 carries for 138 yards, 2 TDs, 2 catches for 21 yards
Sammy Morris - 10 carries for 45 yards, TD, 1 catch for 12 yards
Kevin Faulk - 6 carries for 73 yards, 7 catches for 48 yards
Larry Johnson - 24 carries for 92 yards, TD
Justin Fargas - 18 carries for 82 yards, TD
Adrian Peterson - 28 carries for 131 yards, TD
Chester Taylor - 10 carries for 46 yards, TD, 4 catches for 19 yards
Matt Forte - 22 carries for 96 yards, 4 catches for 29 yards, TD
Steve Slaton - 21 carries for 130 yards, 2 TDs, 2 catches for 52 yards
Fred Taylor - 9 carries for 67 yards, TD
Wide Receivers
Terrell Owens
- 5 catches for 98 yards, TD
DeSean Jackson - 6 catches for 76 yards, TD
Larry Fitzgerald - 5 catches for 65 yards, 2 TDs
Isaac Bruce - 5 catches for 67 yards, TD
Mark Clayton - 5 catches for 164 yards, TD, 1 pass for 32 yards, TD
Derrick Mason - 6 catches for 91 yards, TD
Marques Coltson - 6 catches for 106 yards
Antonio Bryant - 3 catches for 63 yards, TD, 1 carry for 13 yards
Amani Toomer - 5 catches for 85 yards, TD
Greg Jennings - 8 catches for 91 yards, TD
Donald Driver - 5 catches for 83 yards, TD
Steve Smith - 4 catches for 105 yards
Roddy White - 6 catches for 112 yards
Eddie Royal - 5 catches for 84 yards, TD
Bernard Berrian - 4 catches for 122 yards, TD
Devin Hester - 3 catches for 67 yards, TD
Andre Johnson - 7 catches for 75 yards, TD
Matt Jones - 8 catches for 104 yards
Reggie Williams - 5 catches for 55 yards, TD
Tight Ends
Jason Witten
- 9 catches for 115 yards, TD
John Carlson - 6 catches for 105 yards
Tony Scheffler - 7 catches for 90 yards
Dustin Keller - 7 catches for 77 yards
Tony Gonzalez – 8 catches for 110 yards
Zach Miller - 5 catches for 79 yards







There were some unusual heroes on Sunday.  There always are.  Let’s take a look at them and see if they are worthy of your fantasy rosters.

Joe Flacco
- Flacco turned in a wonderful performance this week with 280 passing yards, a couple of TDs, and even 15 yards on the ground.  He is coming into his own as a QB, but I chalk this outburst up to playing a Cincy team that has already mailed this season in.
Ruling:  Don’t Sweat ‘em.

Cadillac Williams
- With Earnest Graham out for the year I expect the Bucs to work Cadillac intot he mix to gear him up for the playoffs and keep Warrick Dunn fresh.  His 8-yard TD run was encouraging.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

Brandon Jackson - Now that the playoffs are here you’re better off keeping guys who would be spectacular if they got the starting nod vs. a starter like Cedric Benson who’s never going to have that big game.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

Davone Bess
– Lisa Danhof was Ahead of the Curve in calling for Bess.  He did not let her down with a six catch-84 yard performance against St. Louis.  He has favorabe matchups (BUF, SF, KC) going forward.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

Amani Toomer - Plaxico’ stupidity should play into Toomer’s favor as evidenced by his 5 catch-85 yard-TD performance against Washington, but I still don’t seem him as roster worthy.  The Giants are very inconsistent in the passing game.  Don’t get me wrong, Eli consistently produces, but he doesn’t consistently use the same cast of charcters to get the job done.  I wouldn’t risk my playoff life on Toomer.      
Ruling:  Don’t Sweat ‘em.

Justine Pelle
- The way Tight Ends have been scoring lately, you may get excited by the 9.8 points (38 yards, TD) Pelle registered this week.  Before you go gaga and burn a roster spot with him, remember his opponent was San Diego.  They have been getting burned by TEs all year long.  Pelle isn’t a strong play going forward.
Ruling:  Don’t Sweat ‘em.

There you have it.  I hope I provided you some good info while you make your fantasy team waiver wire adjustments.

NFL Week 13 Fantasy Fill-ins

28 November 2008

Putting the final piece of your fantasy football puzzle together

I’ve uncovered some guys you can plug in to your lineup if you are dealing with an injury or tough matchups.   Check back following the games to see the stat line of guys profiled.

Jeff Garcia
- The think I like about Garcia is he rarely turns the ball over.  He a nice safe play.  He should be good for 225 yards and a TD or two against New Orleans.  If you are in the position where you don’t want to take big risks this week, Garcia is your guy. 
Stat Line:  9 for 23 for 119 yards, TD, 7 carries for 42 yards (rushing yardage gave him a decent score)

Jamal Lewis
- Lewis hasn’t reached the 80-yard mark since Week 8 and he has just one TD in that four game span.  He wasn’t happy with the game plan that only afforded him 10 carries against Houston.  He should get more carries and greater production this week as he faces Indianapolis.
Stat Line:  24 carries fr 77 yards, 1 catch for 7 yards

Darren McFadden - McFadden scored twice last week, but Fargas had 24 carries to Run DMC’s 10.  I expect the carries to balance out a bit this week as they face Kansas City and McFadden continues to get healthier (toes).  His versatility makes him the guy at the stripe, as evidenced by his two one-yard TDs.  He could even throw on this week.
Stat Line:  7 carries for 13 yards, 3 catches for 50 yards

Ted Ginn, Jr. - Ginn was a guy that I liked coming into this year, and he’s had a handful of games that have showcased his potential.  I see another solid performance from him this week as he faces woeful St. Louis.
Stat Line:  4 catches for 55 yards

Jabar Gaffney - Against the Steelers the Patriots are going to have to adjust their style of play.  Randy Moss will command plenty of attention.  Wes Welker will be second on the radar.  Gaffney will have the opportunity to make some plays.  I think he’ll step up his game.
Stat Line:  1 catch for 2 yards.  Yuck

Greg Olsen - Olsen didn’t catch a pass last week against St. Louis so look for the Bears to get him involved against the Vikings.  The last time they squared off he had six catches for 74 yards and a score.
Stat Line:   1 catch for 7 yards.  Yuck

Rian Lindell
- Until they prove me wrong I am going to keep picking on the 49ers.  They have allowed the most FGs and the most Kicker points. 
Stat Line:  1 FG

- St. Louis has packed it in.  Miami got embarrassed by the Patriots last week.  I get the feeling the Dolphins are going to take it out on the Rams this week. 
Stat Line:  3 INTs

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