Not that it should affect your NFL Playoffs fantasy team, but Matt Hasselbeck will get the nod over Charlie Whitehurst in the Seahawks’ playoff matchup with the Saints.
Apparently Pete Carroll thinks that Hasselbeck’s experience better equips the team for their upset bid. I wouldn’t recommend either quarterback for fantasy teams, but I do think this gives Big Mike Williams a slight bump in value. It should also make things a little easier for Marshawn Lynch.

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The Seahawks must have hired Ty Pennington to perform an Extreme Makeover on their backfield. What started as a not-so-lethal combo of Justin Forsett and Julius Jones transformed into LenDale White, Leon Washington, and Forsett with JJ likely on his way out.

LenDale White will likely take over as the primary ball carrier and red zone back. He should be a solid RB3 next season. Washington, when healthy, will combine with Forsett to give the big fella a breather and offer a change of pace. They will also be used in passing situations.

Forsett and Washington don’t have much value.

In other Jets news, they released Guard Alan Faneca. Their running game should still be one of the best in the league.

Out West, the Raiders made some noise by acquiring Jason Campbell, who became expendable when the Redskins traded for Donovan McNabb. He is certainly an upgrade for the Raiders passing game, most notably TE Zach Miller. Campbell remains a borderline fantasy backup at best.

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