Randy Moss
In a very candid interview with Erin Henderson on KFAN 1130 (Minneapolis) Randy Moss expressed his desire to return to the Patriots. Why wouldn’t he want to go back? They have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, one of the best coaches in the league, and a young defense that should improve in the possible upcoming season. That’s not the million dollar question though. Should the Patriots bring Randy Moss back?
He was a disruptive force to say the least last year. He was bitter that the Patriots did not want to extend his contract. He pretty much forced his way out of New England. Going from Bill Belichick’s Patriots to Brad Childress’ Vikings had to be a culture shock. Brad Childress, who seemed to always think he was the smartest guy in the room, was rigid to say the least. If he was going to try to tell the gunslinger Brett Favre what to do, you know Randy wouldn’t be an exception. Well, that backfired on old Chilly. Both Moss and Childress were sent packing.
Moss caught on with the Titans, but they were in about as much turmoil as the Vikings were. It’s unclear why they even brought him in. He wasn’t even used as a decoy.
Like his exile to Oakland in 2005 and 2006, Moss has seen the other side of the mountain, and it ain’t pretty. At this stage in his career it seems that only a few situations fit Randy. The Patriots being one of them.
Sure the Pats moved on without Randy Moss, going 11-1 after cutting ties. Their season ended with a bitter defeat at the hands of the New York Jets. Would Randy have made a difference in that game? Nobody will ever know. I’m really torn as to whether a reunion makes sense. If Randy comes in with the right attitude, I think there is still something left in the tank. Unfortunately, you can never quite tell. Plus, his mood can change on a dime. If he does sign with the Patriots it will be pennies on the dollar. Give him a deal with lots of incentives. I know he’s been given umpteen chances already in this league, but those with the most talent get cut the most slack.
The last time he escaped to New England he and Tom Brady rewrote the record books. I don’t think that will happen this time around should he sign, but I think there’s still magic there.

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By Ryan Houle, http://gbag.weebly.com
It would be a shame if the last image of Randy Moss’ NFL career was a Titans #84 and a seat on the bench.  Moss is fifth all-time in career touchdowns with 154, and third all-time in career receiving touchdowns. His touchdown per season rate exceeds that of Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens.  Moss was also the touchdown leader on the two highest scoring offenses in the history of the NFL – the ‘98 Vikings and the ‘07 Patriots. Anyone claiming Moss is anything but one of the most productive wide receivers to ever step on an NFL field is focusing on the style of Moss’ personality and ignoring the substance of his production.
Even in 2010, with anger boiling over and his career crumbling around him, he was one of the most dangerous receivers in the game.  Through the first eight games of the season with the Patriots and Vikings he had five touchdowns, 22 receptions, and a 14.2 yards per catch average on 47 targets.  The bottom fell out in Tennessee, but the bottom fell out of everyone last year in Tennessee.
Years ago, in Oakland, it looked like Moss was done.  In 2006 he played in 13 games but had only three touchdowns and 553 yards receiving.  Everyone thought he was past his prime.  Too angry.  A quitter.  And he might have been all those things.  But when plugged into the right situation, he was still able to turn history on its end.
Obviously, Moss has profound flaws.  On a team going nowhere, or one with weak leadership at the top of the food chain, Moss can be a grizzly bear on meth.  But remember in 2008 when the Patriots went 11-5 without Tom Brady and Moss caught 11 touchdowns from an unproven Matt Cassell, and as late as 2009 he led the NFL in receiving touchdowns.
In 2011, everything depends on where Moss goes.  Don’t write him off until you see where he signs.  If he goes to a team with a  proven quarterback, and with someone under the headset who understands that managing personalities is the number one responsibility for professional coaches, Moss can still be a #1 wide receiver.  Will he catch 23 touchdowns like he did in 2007?  Probably not.  But 10-12 touchdowns and 800 to 1000 yards receiving are absolutely within reach.  And that puts him near the top of your draft sheet again.

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The fantasy playoffs are underway in the majority of leagues as the Colts and Titans kicked off the action last night.
Having players go in the Thursday night games gives you a little bit of advantage. If your players do good, you can perhaps be a little more cautions with your team. If your players failed to put up good numbers, perhaps you will want to take a bigger risk, hoping for a bigger reward to make up for it. You also get a feel for your match-up depending on how your opponents players did. Let’s take a look at how fantasy owners will be feeling about their players.
Quarterbacks:   If you started Peyton Manning (319 yards, two TDs), which is roughly 99.9 percent of his owners, you are off to a great start. You can’t ask for much more than 300+ and a pair of scores without a pick. If you went with Kerry Collins (244 yards, three TDs) I want proof. Seriously though, heck of a call. You can’t be happier with your results.
Running Backs: If you went with Chris Johnson (179 total yards, TD), which also is virtually everybody who owns him, you are off and running (pun intended). He came in with a juicy match-up, and he shrugged off his recent slump and delivered when you needed it the most. It does help to have a competent QB. If you rode the Javarris James (49 yards, TD) train, kudos to you. Donald Brown (62 total yards) had just enough total yardage to keep him from being a bust if he was in your lineup. continue reading »

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I thought things were bad for Brett Favre, but it appears Randy Moss has been dumped by a team for the second time. The Patriots shipped him to Minnesota for some practice jerseys and a few jugs of Gatorade. With the trade deadline behind them, the Vikings just cut him.
What a fall from grace for one of the best receivers to ever play. The dream marriage between Favre and Moss never materialized. Although he wasn’t active in the passing game, the loss will hurt the Vikings as opposing defenses can game plan for Percy Harvin without the fear of a deep threat (at least until Sidney Rice is healthy).
Moss will likely be claimed, but it’s hard to have any faith in him. Most thought the return to Minnesota would inspire Moss, but his effort came into question again yesterday. His praise of the Vikings after the game was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.
If you own Moss, you have to hold onto him. That doesn’t, however, mean that you have to start him once he finds a new home.

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Last week we gave away a wine rack to Tommy the Swammy who, with a prediction of 393 yards, was the closest (without going over) to predicting the combined passing yards by Drew Brees and Brett Favre in the season opener.


MMA Industries was kind enough to offer a $15 gift certificate so we can run another contest this week. MMA Industries was kind enough to offer a $15 gift certificate so we can run another contest this week. They sell MMA shirts, other MMA clothing, and even MMA gear if you want to get into the sport.

Upon scanning this week’s schedule the game that stood out to me the most was the Patriots-Jets game. While the Peyton-Eli match-up is intriguing, we did a QB contest last week. Plus, Randy Moss vs. Darrelle Revis is a little more contentious, which makes for a better contest.

That said, this week’s challenge is to predict (without going over) how many receiving yards Randy Moss gets against the New York Jets.

The Patriots should continue to be one of the better teams both in fantasy and reality, but they aren’t quite what they once were. Perhaps playing more of an underdog role is what they need.


Fantasy Playoffs Schedule:  Somewhat difficult
If the Patriots play like they are capable of, their opponent doesn’t really matter. However, facing the Bears in Chicago (Week 14), the Packers at home (15), and the Bills in Buffalo (16) means they could have three bad weather games in the fantasy playoffs. You should keep that in mind when deciding between Patriot players and someone you consider of equal value.


Five Star Fantasy Options
Tom Brady – Brady had a great season (65.7 completion percentage, 4398 yards, 28 TDs, 13 INTs, 96.2 passer rating), especially when you consider he was coming off a serious knee injury. Don’t look for another 50 TD season, but he remains one of the elite QBs in the league.


Randy Moss – He’s playing for one last big contract. He can disappear a bit when teams get physical, but you know what you’re getting with Moss. 1000+ yards and 10+ TDs.


Four Star Fantasy Options


Three Star Fantasy Options
Wes Welker – He can move up to four star option if he proves that his knee will be OK. He could also slide down to a two or one star option. It’s a matter of how he recovers, and you won’t know until down the road.


Patriots Defense/Special Teams – They always seem to be an opportunistic unit. They have some solid match-ups against the Bills twice (Weeks 3 & 16), the Browns (9), and the Lions (12).


Two Star Fantasy Options
Laurence Maroney – I don’t love Maroney, but he’s probably the best option the Patriots have. Draft him for RB depth and ride him if he gets hot.


Julian Edelman & Torry Holt – If Welker is slow to recover, Edelman can be used to fill the void. Once Welker is back, Edelman will catch the ball, but consistency will be an issue. I don’t think Holt has anything left in the tank, but Belichick somehow squeezes the last bit of production our of veterans.


One Star Fantasy Options
Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, and Fred Taylor – Each of them will probably show some value at different points of the season, but you can’t rely on any of them.


Taylor Price and Brandon Tate – Keep these guys on your radar, but don’t bother drafting them until they have defined roles.


Alge Crumpler, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez – The Patriots have little to offer at TE. Look elsewhere.


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Randy Moss
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Perhaps nobody is as thankful for Tom Brady’s return than Randy Moss.  His receptions took a 30% hit, his yardage a 32.5% hit, and his TDs a 52% hit.  It’s not like his 1008 yards and 11 TDs with Matt Cassel were bad, but it was a far cry from the 1493 & 23 he produced in 2007.  Though it seems like Moss has been in the league forever, he’s just 32 and still should have a few high level seasons in him…if he’s motivated.  I’m sure he’s motivated this year as the Super Bowl loss and TB’s injury have left a bad taste in his mouth.

Despite the amazing 2007 season and being one of the best WRs of all time, I still have Moss ranked as the third best WR.  I just think Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson have a little less risk associated with them.  Of course, Moss is going a few picks after them so he is a slightly better value.  I could see Moss putting up 1200+ yards and 12 TDs.  If Brady shows no lingering effects of his knee injury, those numbers could significantly increase.

This is my preseason top ten.

Click here for my Midseason revised rankings.

Click here for my Second Half rankings.

1.  Larry Fitzgerald
It was actually close for me between Fitz and Andre Johnson, but after his playoff run, no way I can not chose #11.  He reached 1400 yards and double-digit TDs for the third time in his last four seasons.  Kurt Warner is back.  I knew about the leaping ability, his body control, great route running, and hands, but I did not know he had that extra gear that he kicked in during his long Super Bowl TD.  That HAD to scare Defensive Coordinators to death.

2.  Andre Johnson
I let the cat out of the bag already with Johnson, but a quick glance at his numbers (115 receptions, 1575 yards, 8 TDs) and you can see why he was 1-A prior to the playoffs.  His QB, Matt Schaub, has a tendency to get hurt.  Having his backup, Sage Rosenfels, leave for Minnesota hurts his value a little.  Not enough to knock him out of the second slot, but it’s a question mark that wasn’t there last year.

3. Calvin Johnson
Megatron is right on par with the top two.  He just happens to play for the lowly Lions.  He still managed 1331 yards and 12 TDs.  He’s just getting his feet wet in the league, and the Lions should be a little more stable at QB next year with Culpepper participating in OTAs and training camp.  Plus, they very well could be selecting a stud QB or Offensive Lineman in the draft.

4.  Reggie Wayne
Wayne had a down year for the Colts (1145 yards, 6 TDs), but with Marvin Harrison not returning, I see no reason why Wayne doesn’t bounce back with a 1400 yard, 10 TD season.  If the Colts didn’t have so many other weapons, I’d put him in the top three.

5.  Steve Smith
Smith had 1421 yards despite missing two games for breaking teammate Ray Lucas’ nose in the preseason, having a less than stellar QB, and playing on a run first team.  That speaks volumes about Smith’s ability.  I don’t think he’ll break anyone’s nose this year so he should play a full season, but the other two scenarios won’t change.  Still, he’s too good to move any further.

6.  Randy Moss
With Tom Brady back under Center, Randy Moss moves up a few notches from where he finished in 2008.  Will he snag another 23 TD passes?  Hardly.  How about close to 1500 yards?  Not likely.  However, a 1300 yards, 12 TD season should be easily attainable.

7.  Greg Jennings
Jennings meshed well with first time QB Aaron Rodgers proving he wasn’t a mirage created by Brett Favre’s gunslinging ways.  Jenning actually proved to be more of a possession receiver recording 55 first downs (compared to 37 in 2008).  He also improved by 27 receptions and 372 yards.  His TD total decreased from 12 to 9, but his yards per catch didn’t change dramatically (17.4 to 16.2).  Rodgers won’t have to deal with the Favremania this offseason and won’t have quite as much pressure on him to escape #4′s shadow.  They can just focus on playing football, something both Jennings and Rodgers do well.

8.  Anquan Boldin
Boldin would be higher if  he could stay healthy (16 missed games in six season) and if his contract status weren’t in question.  Playing opposite of Larry Fitzgerald helps.  Having Kurt Warner at QB also helps.  Even if he forced his way out of Arizona, he would still produce in a new system.  He’s that good.

9.  Roddy White
White was great last year catching 88 passes for 1382 yards and 7 TDs with Rookie QB Matt Ryan proving his 2007 numbers (83, 1202, 6) weren’t a fluke.  As Ryan grows as a QB so will Roddy.  Michael Jenkins took a step forward last year to give him a compliment at wideout.  Plus, Defenses have Michael Turner to worry about.

10. Terrell Owens
I’m sure you’re well aware that T.O. landed in Buffalo.  While it’s not an ideal situation, T.O. should be motivated to prove Dallas wrong.  He has double-digit TDs in seven of his last nine seasons.  Lee Evans is the best Wide Receiver mate that T.O. has seen in quite some time.  His deep ball threat will keep Safeties honest.  T.O. could be in for a very big year.  I have him at ten because being T.O., his mouth could get him into trouble at any time.

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Past Top Tens
Running Backs

New England just missed the playoffs last year at 11-5 despite losing their franchise player Tom Brady early on Opening Day.  Matt Cassel filled in admirably and received the franchise tag.  The Pats may be holding onto Matt in case Brady is ready or they could be looking to deal him and made sure he wouldn’t get away without compensation.  I don’t need to tell you the Patriots are pretty hush hush.  Laurence Maroney should be back, but it remains to be seen if he can stay healthy.  Sammy Morris will also be in the mix.  At this point, Morris is probably the RB I’d select first in a fantasy draft.  LaMont Jordan is a free agent, and likely won’t return.  Kevin Faulk and BenJarvus Green-Ellis will round out the RB position.  FB Heath Evans is also a Free Agent, but I suspect he’s re-signed.  He’s a protypical Patriots player.  Randy Moss and Wes Welker will lead the WRs once again.  Jabar Gaffney is an Unrestricted Free Agent.  Knowing the way the Pats operate, he’ll likely have to leave money on the table to return.  Ben Watson returns at TE.  Offensively the Pats will probably make minor adjustments and draft guys that fit their system.

S Rodney Harrison is a question mark.  He’s a Free Agent, but at his age it might be best for the Patriots to close the door on him.  They have done well in recent drafts with LB Jerod Mayo and S Brandon Meriweather.  They once again need to get younger at LB and add some talent in their secondary.  The return of Adalius Thomas will help, but they are going to need to add some Pass Rushers.  They were middle-of-the road with 31.  It will be intersting to see how they operate without Scott Pioli, but I think they will be able to make the adjustment and continue to thrive.

KFFL Free Agent Tracker:

Pos Player Name FA Status Previous Team Current Team
RB LaMont Jordan UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
FB Heath Evans UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
WR Jabar Gaffney UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
P Chris Hanson UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
P Tom Malone Re-signed New England Patriots New England Patriots
OG Russ Hochstein UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
OG Barry Stokes UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
OT Wesley Britt RFA New England Patriots Free Agent
C Lonie Paxton UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
C Ryan Wendell Re-signed New England Patriots New England Patriots
DL Titus Adams Re-signed New England Patriots New England Patriots
DL Angelo Craig Re-signed New England Patriots New England Patriots
DL Darrell Robertson Re-signed New England Patriots New England Patriots
DL Kenny Smith UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
LB Eric Alexander RFA New England Patriots Free Agent
LB Ryan Claridge UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
LB Larry Izzo UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
LB Pierre Woods RFA New England Patriots Free Agent
CB Deltha O’Neal UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
CB Lewis Sanders UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
SS Rodney Harrison UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
SS James Sanders UFA New England Patriots Free Agent
SS Tank Williams UFA New England Patriots Free Agent

Fantasy Football Out on a Limb , where I scour NFL rosters to select a player who I feel will outperform a higher profile player in that given week, is back. The last preseason game is garbage so I’ll just report on how I did in my preseason tune-up.

6 points for rushing or receiving TD
4 points for a passing TD
0.1 points per yard for rushing or receiving
0.05 points per passing yard. 

Brett Favre
over Aaron Rodgers +6
Aaron Rodgers 20.15 (14.15 actual plus six spotted points)
Brett Favre 5.5

Brett Favre let me down.  Now I know what it’s like to be a Packers fan these days.

Running Back
Larry Johnson
over Brian Westbrook
Brian Westbrook 5.8 (3.9 rushing, 1.9 receiving)
Larry Johnson 3.8 (3.6 rushing, 0.2 receiving)

LJ let me down.  It feels like 2007 all over again.

Wide Receiver
Brandon Marshall
over Randy Moss
Brandon Marshall 13.1 (7.1 receiving plus TD)
Randy Moss 0.1 (0.6 receiving, -0.5 rushing)
I was right on the money with this pick.  Marshall got loose on a 49 yard TD grab.  Moss basically did nothing.


Good thing it’s the preseason.  Again, the last preseason game is worthless so I won’t head out on a limb until Week 1.

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