The Rich get Richer

14 October 2008

Yesterday we heard about Tony Romo going down with a broken pinkie.  The depression in Big D didn’t last long though as the Cowboys acquired one of their native sons.  The Wide Receiver Roy Williams returns to Texas where he was born and starred as a Longhorn.  When Romo does return, and I suspect it will be before the four weeks that everybody is reporting, he’ll have another weapon at his disposal.

So what does it do in fantasy circles?  For starters, I’d say it gives Brad Johnson and eventually Tony Romo an uptick in their values. When you add a playmaker to the mix, your QB almost always benefits.  I don’t see a big change for Marion Barber.  Teams already respected the Cowboys’ passing game.  Roy Williams’ value actually takes a little hit.  Yes, he’s part of a better team and better Offense, but there is a price to pay for that.  Instead of just sharing with Megatron, he has to share with T.O., Jason Witten, Patricky Crayton, Miles Austin, and Marion Barber.  T.O. and Witten will probably take a small step back because they will see less passes their way.  The guys who suffer the most will be Crayton and Austin.  Instead of being #2 & #3 WRs they move back to #3 & #4.  What’s worse is they are now 4th and 4th options. 

In Detroit Calvin Johnson’s stock goes up a little.  He’s clearly the go-to-guy now, as if he hadn’t already taken that title.  He’ll draw more double-teams, but he’s a freakish athlete that will still be able to get away from the pack.  Although with their QB situation, I’m not sure any Lions WRs are reliable.

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