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The New York Times is reporting that Sammy Sosa failed a drug test in 2003.  The New York Times cites “lawyers with knowledge of the drug-testing results from that year” as their source.  This is the latest black eye for baseball as yet another star is linked to performance-enhancing drugs.  Unlike Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez, Sosa’s failed test does not come as a shock to most baseball fans.  He has been presumed guilty for years, and this “new” knowledge won’t have the ripple effect among baseball fans.  Instead of outrage, I imagine most people’s reactions will be in the neighborhood of “I thought so”.  Although you may be disgusted when looking at the top ten HR list.

1.  Barry Bonds, 762 – steroids
2.  Hank Aaron, 755
3.  Babe Ruth, 714
4.  Willie Mays, 660
5.  Ken Griffey, Jr., 617 – PLEASE BE CLEAN
6.  Sammy Sosa, 609 – steroids
7.  Frank Robinson, 586
8.  Mark McGwire, 583 – steroids
9.  Harmon Killebrew, 573
10.  Rafael Palmeiro, 569 – steroids

With four of the top ten (A-Rod at 12, ManRam at 17) being steroid users does a lot to damage the history of the game.  Sosa can kiss the HOF goodbye.  He was already on thin ice because of the corked bat and the speculation.  It gives a whole new meaning to his nickmame “Say it Ain’t Sosa”.  I wish I could.  I wish I could.

MLB News

3 June 2009

It’s been a busy baseball night, both on the field and in the clubhouses.

The Pirates are at it again–trading their known commodities for prospects.  This time they sent Nate McLouth to the Braves for three Minor Leaguers.  The deal included Gorkys Hernandez, who was one of Atlanta’s top prospects.  McLouth is hitting .256 with 9 HRs and 34 RBIs.  Hernandez was hitting .316 for Double-A Mississippi. 

The Braves also released future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine.  They felt he did not have enough in the tank to face MLB hitting.  Glavine is the last pitcher to reach 300 Wins.  Randy Johnson’s attempt for 300 was postponed. Finally, the Braves called up prized prospect Tommy Hanson.  Hanson was 3-3 with a 1.49 ERA and 0.86 WHIP.  He had 90 Ks in 66-1/3 Innings.

Chien-Ming Wang will return to the starting rotation for the Yankees.  To make room for Wang in the rotation, Phil Hughes was demoted to the bullpen.

Scott Hairston (bicep) and Asdrubal Cabrera (shoulder) landed on the DL.

J.C. Romero completed his 50-game suspension for taking a PED.  Speaking of PEDs, Sammy Sosa is officially calling it a career.

David Funk, a good friend of mine from the Sporting News community, has been posting some of the best blog entries that Sporting News members have written over the years on his World Blogging Entertainment site.  I’ve decided to dig in my archives and bring you the first entry that was printed in the Sporting News Magazine’s “Your Turn” section.  Without further ado, I present you my piece on the steroids scandal.

Apr 02, 2006

…I won’t take as much as Barry Bonds (or any of the other juicers), Selig, MLBPA, Conte, or the numerous trainers, managers, owners, teammates or competitors should, but I’ll still take some nonetheless. How many fans have said to themselves or others, “look at Bonds and Sosa when they came into the league, and look at them now”? A lot of us. I’ve heard it on talk radio, at sportsbars, on message boards. We suspected it, but nobody really raised a stink until now…when some of the most hallowed record are already shattered or are on their way to being shattered. Baseball needed something after the strike in 1994. Baseball fans needed something to. Along came 1998. McGwire and Sosa. Homers galore. Baseball is back. I must admit that I was among those who started to care more about baseball again during that year. So for that I take some of the blame.

However, there is more blame to be given to fans…I’m just not one who needs to accept it. The fan that demands to see a bunch of homers. Not just homers….moon shots. That’s all they seem to care about. I’ll take a pitcher’s duel and some slick fielding and timely hits. Throw in a homer or two and I’ll be happy, but it’s not necessary. Highlights also have some of the blame. Not sure if it’s the TV’s fault or the viewers, but every homer seems to be showcased in the highlight reels. Heck, Baseball Tonight shows a recap of the homers.

Bottom line is that there is lots of blame to go around. I’ll take some.

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