Timberwolves…You Make Me Sick

Mar 18, 2008

What did I do?

The Timberwolves new slogan is “Let’s Build It”.  I was buying into the plan.  Obviously I realize that Kevin McHale is still involved with the organization so I was sure to temper my expectations, but I like some of the pieces they’ve got.  Al Jefferson is a force down low.  Ryan Gomes, Randy Foye, Rashad McCants, and even Sebastian Telfair have had their moments.  Corey Brewer has been a typical Timberwolves pick (i.e. big letdown), but I’m willing to give him a little time to catch on.  Craig Smith is a high energy guy and Chris Richard could be a serviceable big man eventually.  They have won four of their last six, and still stand to get a impact player in the draft (provided they don’t shoot themselves in the foot as usual).  Either that or they will draft a guy (like a Ray Allen or a Brandon Roy) and trade them for an inferior player (Marbury or Foye).   Like I said, I was starting to feel the vibe a little. 

Then Glen Taylor had to open  his mouth.  I guess I should provide the back story.  Some clown in the Star Tribune (Minneapolis newspaper) suggested that the Wolves try to lose the games down the stretch to improve their chances of landing Michael Beasley.  Yeah, a lot of Wolves (and Heat) fans are thinking it, but you don’t write about it in a major market newspaper.  That’s the kind of thing that shows up on Jon Q. Wolvesfan’s blog.  For even suggesting it, I think the “journalist” should be suspended.  What kind of message is that sending to your athletes?  OK, time to put Taylor back in the crosshairs.  So Taylor didn’t like the talk of tanking.  I guess it was a sore subject after they’ve done it two years running.  So what does he do?  He says “It was more like KG tanked it. I think the other guys still wanted to play. But it sure changed the team and didn’t make us [as good].”  You can’t make stuff like this up.  Are you telling me that Ricky Davis and Mark Blount wanted it?  Those guys don’t care about their situation.  They didn’t even make a fuss when dealt to lowly Miami.  KG isn’t perfect.  I have nothing but respect for the man, but he’s not the guy to lean on in the fourth quarter.  His salary dictates that he should have been that type of player, but some guys aren’t made for that role.  One thing that can’t be questioned is his determination.

I love how Glen Taylor and his chronies (Kevin McHale and Randy Whitman) have formed this little Country Club where they deflect all of the blame without assuming their share.  First up was Flip Saunders.  Flip was the only coach to excel with the limited crop of talent that his “friend” Kevin McHale provided him.  When Flip was in charge the Wolves made the playoffs regularly despite the occasional goofs in the draft (Wally over Rip, Will Avery, etc.).  He ran into trouble when the Wolves weren’t able to reload with talent in the draft because Taylor and McHale had to have the Superstar himself, Joe Smith.  Are you kidding me?  You make a secret deal with Joe Smith?  And you’re dumb enough to get caught?  Most GMs would be fired for such a blunder, but not McHale.  Why?  He’s got membership to that Country Club.  I’m sorry, but when you’re forced to take misfits and place them around a guy who can’t deliver in the fourth quarter, you’re destined to fail.  The next person to be thrown under the bus was Dwayne Casey.  Casey went 20-20 with the Wolves before being fired.  You know how the rest plays out.  They went on to go 12-30 the rest of the way under Randy Whitman, who “wasn’t brought in to look over Casey’s shoulders”.  Clearly Casey was the problem.  Good think you got rid of him because Whitman is winning in Coach K fashion.  Oh wait, he’s not.  Finally, it’s KG to get the dagger.  I’m sure Boston is worried sick whether or not KG is going to mail it in for them because he’s worked out so poorly for them.  He’s doing nothing.  Same with Flip Saunders.  The Pistons are terrible.  Oh wait, I’ve got it confused.  The Country Club keeps losing while Flip and KG were able to flourish when they escaped the shadows of McHale’s gravitional pull towards the NBA cellar. 

Like I said, I’ve tried to get on board, but stuff like this gets to me.  Why should I invest my time and energy to even pay attention to such a classless act, let alone spend a nickle on the club?  Glen’s not doing himself any favors.  The funny thing is, Vikings fans once hoped that Glen Taylor would buy the team.  I wonder if any of them feels the same way today?  It would have never worked though.  There’s only room for one Country Club in this town. 

So I’ve decided that I’m going to support the players, but not the cause.  That sounds familiar W.  I better stop now while I’m behind.

What more could I have done?

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  1. Eric
    March 19th, 2008 at 10:03 am #


  2. Jay
    March 19th, 2008 at 1:33 pm #

    I second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ryan Lester
    March 19th, 2008 at 1:43 pm #

    Eric, Jay – Thanks. I’m just so frustrated with this organization.

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