Top 3 Online Gambling Games

May 8, 2017

Online gambling gained popularity in 1996 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Although online gambling trend is constantly increasing and there are number of online gambling sites out there, in some countries it still has not gained legal status. However, despite the legal or illegal status of gambling, it’s increasing and if you want to gamble online, then our list of the top three will help you get started.
Slots is a classical gambling game and has been popular for years and can be player at most gambling sites out there. In physical slots games players insert coins of different values in a machine and pull the handle, and the slots wheel is spun and once the wheel is stopped, the player gets different rewards according to the symbol that appears on the wheel. In online slots, players can play through different means through bitcoins or online currency that the website uses and use the online handle to spin and earn rewards. There are several types of slots games online, amongst which two of the most popular are Book of Ra Deluxe and Great Blue. Book of Ra Deluxe is an elegant Egyptian-themed slot game which includes video slots of 10 playlines from medium to high variance. There are 10 basic free spins available for a player and additional spins can be bought to increase chances of retrigger during the free spins. Winning amount in Book of Ra Deluxe ranges up to 500,000 USD against a maximum bet of 100 USD.
Great Blue is another type of slots game which is a bit different than regular slots but it’s a fun game in which a player is surrounded by creatures of sea such as whales, turtles, seahorses and more. Players could gain multipliers or free spins with the help of the shell symbol in Great blue. The game has high variance of video slots featuring up to 25 playlines and 33 free spins. The highest reward is 1,000,000 in multiple currencies against the maximum bet.
Blackjack is another popular gambling game which is played both online and offline. In traditional black jack player needs to use his cards to gain 21 through different chips. The online gambling version of blackjack follows the same rules. In online Blackjack you will take virtual chips; but you will need a basic understanding of the game to know when you should take a hit and when to be steady. The right move can help you win and help you gain more chips to keep you in the game. Multiple online casinos offer blackjack and or free blackjack games to test your luck. Free games are generally only played to earn rewards; whereas paid online blackjack games can help players earn money.
Roulette is not just popular in physical casinos but it’s equally popular in online gambling websites. In online Roulette, you will also have to learn how to play on the wheel, with 38 numbers. The European version only 37 numbers are used because unlike regular Roulette European roulette does not have the double zero. Roulette is the game of betting and it’s all about the sequencing of the numbers in Roulette. In physical Roulette the wheel spins in one direction and the ball spins in another direction. A good strategy to learn online roulette could be to play for free and then move to the actual betting. It is important to know the terms and condition of the gambling site you’re using before playing the game as some will lock down your bets first and then roll or vice versa.
Gambling is a flourishing business even in countries where it is considered illegal. Only in 2001, number of individuals participated in online gambling rose to 8 million and increased astonishingly. Estimates and statistics research department revealed the revenue of gambling business to a whopping number of $22 billion in 2008, which grew greatly to $46 billion in 2016 and expected to reach $57 billion by 2018.

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