Top Destinations for Donovan McNabb

Jan 6, 2008

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Has McNabb worn out his welcome in the City of Brotherly Love? Before the three game winning streak the Birds strung together to close out the season, I thought there was little chance McNabb would be back. However, I think those odds have increased a bit. Here are, in my opinion, the top destinations for Donovan McNabb next year.

1. Philadelphia – There’s no place like home. Philly is a tough town, and McNabb displayed some thin skin this season. Has the town beaten him down? I don’t think so. The best way to get Philly fans to accept you is to play hard and win. McNabb showed he could still do that. Plus, I don’t think Kevin Kolb is ready to take on the Wings.

2. Chicago – McNabb grew up in Chicago and they clearly need help at the position. Rex isn’t the guy. Griese doesn’t cut it. If they draft a QB early, they’ll need a stopgap. That stopgap could be McNabb. He could step in and start for the next two years or so while they develop a young QB. This move makes as much sense as Jeff Garcia going to Minnesota last year so it probably won’t happen. It never seems to be an easy fix.

3. Minnesota – This also makes a lot of sense. However, it would require Brad Childress to admit he was wrong for not only drafting Tarvaris, but trading up in order to get him. Childress should get more heat for trading up to get a QB that would have been available to them if they stayed put. Not that Childress needs any more fuel to that fire. Back to the Vikings and McNabb. McNabb knows the West Coast Offense that Childress likes to run. With their tough defense and running game, the Vikings would be a legitimate contender with a capable QB under center. McNabb has succeeded with inferior receiving talent, which is what he’d have to deal with in Minnesota. This would make sense, but I’m not sure Childress is prepared to swallow his pride.

There are a couple other locations that McNabb could step in as a starter, but they don’t seem as likely. Detroit and Atlanta are the best secondary choices, but I’m not sure McNabb is the direction they will take.

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  1. Big Dog JP
    January 6th, 2008 at 3:05 pm #

    Destination #1 is just fine for me!

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