Who’s in Robert Shapiro’s Five?

Apr 6, 2008


So I hacked into Robert Shapiro’s T-Mobile phone so find an answer to the age old “who’s in your 5?” question.  The results were quite interesting.

Pacman Jones
– Where he needs a strip club or just some spare cash Robert knows Pacman is a great source.  He’s especially useful for those trying to make it rain.  He just can’t stay out of trouble so he keeps Robert busy.

Chris Henry
– Speaking of keeping Robert busy, Chris Henry has fallen back into his old ways of getting in trouble.  Robert must not have made his point about staying away from alcohol because he recently punched a kid in the face and broke his car window with a beer bottle. 

Michael Vick
Saturday Night Live’s skit about him “hiding his weed, which is not allowed on a plane in a water bottle, which is another thing not allowed on a plane”, was priceless.  That was the tip of the iceberg for Ron Mexico as his Bad Newz Kennels ring got busted.  Talk about a cash cow for a defense attorney. 

Mike Tyson
- No Defense Attorney’s Fave Five would be complete without Iron Mike.  Whether he’s raping women or beating up motorists, Mike is always a phone call away.  Plus, he’s easy to take advantage.  Just ask Don King.

O.J. Simpson
– How could Ron Shapiro wrap it up without including the Original bad boy.  The one who got him all of the headlines.  Double-murder wasn’t enough.  The Juice had to go and “get his memorabilia back at gun point.  Although to me it reeks like a setup, it’s just the sort of thing that gets a DA excited.

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  1. David Funk
    April 6th, 2008 at 7:38 pm #

    Yeah, Juice made him famous! I still think SN needs to start the fantasy National Felons League, and Shapiro should appear in ads to promote it!

  2. Ryan Lester
    April 6th, 2008 at 9:58 pm #

    Great idea David

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